12 Hacks That Will Make Your Business Trips Easier

Are you looking for ways to make your days on the road less hectic? Here are some of our favorite tips that will not only simplify your travels, but will make life on-the-go a little more enjoyable: 1. Pack a travel first-aid kit: Staying at a destination off-the-beaten path? Chances are you won’t find a… Read more »

How to Keep Your Belongings Safe When You Fly

In recent years, you may have heard stories of airport employees robbing unsuspecting travelers of their valuables while they pass through security checkpoints and metal detectors. Which makes you think: if security agents are stealing, what is going on amongst gate agents, baggage handlers and even fellow passengers? There’s no need to be paranoid and… Read more »

Travel Cheat Sheet of the Month: How to Keep Your Medications Safe in the Heat

Picture this: you’re visiting friends at their lake house when your allergies start acting up. You pop an over-the-counter pill — which usually gives you quick relief — but you still feel uncomfortable. In fact, after several more doses, the drug still has no effect. What gives? Think long and hard where your medication was… Read more »

Your Guide to Hassle-Free Summer Business Travel

After one of the coldest and snowiest winters on record for many parts of the US, summer is finally in full swing — and with that, more Americans are itching to get away.  According to travel counselors surveyed by American Express Travel, 45% said their summer travel bookings are up compared with last year,  despite… Read more »

2014 World Cup in Brazil: Health & Safety Advice for Travelers

Are you one of the lucky 140,000 Americans with tickets to the 2014 World Cup? With the event spanning twelve cities across Brazil, the country will be flooded with tourists and spectators from all over the world. The energy and excitement of this many people at a major sporting event makes for an amazing atmosphere,… Read more »

10 Simple Steps to Greener Business Travel

You’re probably already aware that Americans consume a disproportionate amount of the world’s resources. In fact, The United States has the largest per capita carbon emissions in the world with each person’s carbon footprint weighing in at a whopping 17.6 tons. Some additional perspective: as an American, you’re consuming as much energy as 31 of… Read more »

Travel Cheat Sheet of the Month: 5 Ways to be a Carry-on Business Traveler

Flight delays, cancelled connections, lost luggage … bottom line: if you don’t check bags, there’s less room for error. Not to mention there’s the cost savings, freedom and extra mobility that packing light gives you. So what’s the catch? Well … packing for today’s overhead bin reality can be a little tricky. Here are some of… Read more »

Travel Risk Management: 5 Steps to Protecting Your Travelers

Post updated on 6/2/17. People face some unique challenges when they travel abroad. Terrorism, natural disasters, medical emergencies, culture shock…these risks are real. And how you protect — or fail to protect — your travelers can have far-reaching consequences. Luckily, there are some proactive measures you can take to help protect your people and your… Read more »

Winter Olympics: Health & Safety Resources for Travelers

Recently, the Olympic Torch visited On Call on its way to Sochi, Russia. We had a great time hosting it and wish we could have followed it all the way there — after all, Sochi is known for its stunningly beautiful landscapes and is one of the country’s most popular vacation destinations! For those of… Read more »

Traveling With Wheels: Tips for Hassle-Free Flights with Wheelchairs

Although air travel has improved greatly for wheelchair travelers, the rule of thumb is to plan ahead. How? We’ve zeroed in on some of the most common air travel gripes for people with wheelchairs to provide you with tips for making your flights as hassle-free as possible. Know Your Rights: Congress passed the Air Carrier… Read more »