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Get Ahead of the Storm: Hurricane Preparedness & Response Playbook

After last year’s devastating hurricane season, many organizations and their travelers learned it’s not enough to focus solely on how to ride out a major storm—it’s critical to also consider proactive measures that can build a resilient plan even before a storm occurs. As the peak of 2018’s hurricane season approaches, we want to help… Read more »

Natural Disaster Planning and Crisis Management

Author: Benjamin Longworth  Natural disasters such as hurricanes or earthquakes are one of the key threats to travelers abroad. While you may already have some preparations in place to protect your travelers’ safety, consider some of the often-overlooked steps your organization should also take to help mitigate risk for these types of events. When planning… Read more »

After the Hurricane: The Travel Health Risks That Still Remain

Long after the storm passes and the rebuilding phase begins, there are lingering dangers major hurricanes can pose to a destination. According to On Call’s Chief Medical Officer, Dr. William Siegart, “The consequences of devastating storms like Maria, Irma, and Harvey catch our attention through headlines around casualties, flooding, and damages to property and infrastructure…. Read more »

Travel Risk May Not Be Your Only Risk Overseas: How Are You Protecting Your Supply Chains?

Protecting Your Supply Chains

Author: Benjamin Longworth While developing a travel risk management program is critical, organizations should also consider alternative global and domestic risks that can affect their people, assets, profits, and reputation. When organizations evaluate their supply chain risk, many tend to focus internally rather than on global threats with severe and long-term disruption implications. While some organizations… Read more »

On Call Watch Officers Help Answer the Question, “Is it Safe to Travel?”

Has the question, ‘is it safe to travel?’ been keeping you up at night? If you’re like most risk professionals we know you understand first-hand how unpredictable global travel has become…and how it’s changed the way most organizations think about—and approach—travel risk management. According to On Call security analyst and Watch Officer, Scott Battey, “It’s… Read more »

Proactive Crisis Response Planning: Why it Matters During a Natural Disaster

On April 25th, 2015, Nepal was struck by a devastating earthquake, followed by another quake on May 12th. The disaster killed more than 8,000 people, destroyed villages and left thousands stranded without access to basic necessities. This initial quake was the deadliest earthquake to strike the region since 1934. Many organizations found themselves struggling to… Read more »

Travel Assistance 101: How Does Natural Disaster Evacuation Work?

  In 2012, there were 905 natural catastrophes worldwide, 93% of which were weather-related disasters. In recent years, we have witnessed some unforgettable natural disasters that had a tremendous impact on travelers— the 2012 Typhoon in the Philippines, the 2011 Japanese Tsunami, the 2010 Earthquake in Haiti (just to name a few). Encountering a natural… Read more »

Spring Break Travel: 7 Tips for a Safe and Healthy Trip

No more pencils, no more books…yes, after a long winter, spring break is finally on its way, and with it, the time-honored tradition of getting away for a well-deserved break from school or work. But before pack your bags and head out the door, make sure you check out these tips for a safe and… Read more »

A Look Back: Top Travel Headlines of 2012

From the sinking of the Costa Concordia, to the London Olympics and Hurricane Sandy, 2012 was certainly a big year for travel headlines. On Call International takes you around the world (don’t forget to pack your travel assistance membership card!) to sample some of the most interesting travel stories in the world this year: Italian… Read more »