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Helping Travelers Every Day:
Political Unrest in Turkey

From medical emergencies to security concerns—or any other travel issue big or small—here at On Call, the health and safety of the travelers we serve is our top priority. Read our latest case study for an inside look at how On Call’s Global Assistance Teams work around the clock to fulfill our mission of helping… Read more »

Behind the Curtain: A Real-Life Political Evacuation from Haiti [Client Testimonial Video]

After the government announced a sharp increase in gasoline prices, major protests broke out in Haiti. These demonstrations resulted in significant disruption within the country’s capital city, Port-au-Prince, as well as other towns across the country. Roadblocks prevented many travelers from making their flights and obtaining necessary supplies. And, adding to the chaos, several airlines… Read more »

On Call Watch Officers Help Answer the Question, “Is it Safe to Travel?”

Has the question, ‘is it safe to travel?’ been keeping you up at night? If you’re like most risk professionals we know you understand first-hand how unpredictable global travel has become…and how it’s changed the way most organizations think about—and approach—travel risk management. According to On Call security analyst and Watch Officer, Scott Battey, “It’s… Read more »

Turmoil in the Middle East…and How On Call International Can Help

The violence in the Middle East resulting from an anti-Islam film illustrates the need for adequate support when traveling abroad, and the difference that having travel assistance services can make in safely handling such explosive situations wherever you go. Here is some valuable information to keep in mind before and during your trip if you… Read more »

Protect Your Traveling Students, Faculty and Staff with Searchlight

Medical Emergencies. Natural Disasters. Political Unrest… As much as we don’t like to think about it, all of these issues could affect your academic institution’s traveling population. As your students, faculty, and staff navigate the world, you’re constantly asking yourself if there’s even more you could be doing to ensure that they — and you… Read more »