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On Call’s Travel Risk Management (TRM) Resource Library

Prior to the COVID-19 pandemic, many organizations were hyper-focused on the response components of their Travel Risk Management (TRM) programs, such as having the right resources in place to help support and protect their travelers in the event they encounter a medical or security emergency overseas. While this is still critically important, many of these… Read more »

Monthly Risk Spotlight: July 2021

AMERICAS Crackdown in Nicaragua In Nicaragua, a crackdown on political dissent has seen over 20 critics of the Ortega government, including at least five people considering runs for President, arrested since June 2. The crackdown comes ahead of the November presidential and legislative elections in which current President Daniel Ortega intends to run for reelection…. Read more »

Return to Travel: Staying on Top of Travel Risk Management in 2021 and Beyond

As we continue to emerge from the pandemic, the return to travel is dominating the national conversation—and with it, managing the risks that go along with it. Is your organization equipped to keep travelers safe, healthy, and well informed—whether you’re new to travel risk management or revising your current program to meet the needs of… Read more »

COVID-19 Vaccines & Travel: (More) Questions Answered by On Call’s Chief Medical Officer

As vaccination rates trend upward and countries announce they’re opening to vaccinated travelers, On Call’s Chief Medical Officer, Dr. William Siegart, offers (more!) answers to your most frequently-asked questions on COVID-19 vaccines and travel. Can those who have been fully vaccinated still spread the virus while traveling? Dr. Siegart: Probably not, but there is no… Read more »

Monthly Risk Spotlight: June 2021

AMERICAS Peru’s Presidential Election and Future Impacts On Sunday, 6 June the Peruvian Presidential runoff election was held. As of this writing, the far-left candidate and head of the Free Peru Party Pedro Castillo is holding a slim lead (50.244%) over the conservative candidate and head of the Popular Force Party Keiko Fujimori (49.756%) with… Read more »

COVID-19 Testing and Travel: What Travelers Need to Know

As we continue to emerge from the pandemic, COVID-19 testing is still an integral part of the travel planning process, and according to On Call’s Chief Medical Officer, Dr. Siegart, this is not something he anticipates going away anytime soon.  “While COVID-19 regulations around the world continue to be in a constant state of flux,… Read more »

On Call Teams Up With OnSolve to Provide Travel Monitoring & Critical Event Management Solution

On Call has teamed up with OnSolve, the world’s leading Critical Event Management platform, to deliver an all-in-one, end-to-end approach to travel risk management via actionable intelligence, travel monitoring, critical communications, and emergency response capabilities. Many organizations have people and operations around the globe, which means they face increasingly complex challenges in responding to critical… Read more »

Managing the Complexities of a Medical Evacuation Abroad

Managing the complexities associated with a medical evacuation abroad can be a complicated process–is your organization prepared to carry out an evacuation effectively and make informed decisions on behalf of your travelers in need? We recently teamed up with our friends at Allegiant Global Partners to present a scenario that requires a medical evacuation amid… Read more »

The Current Status and Outlook of Travel to Europe

One year ago, global travel was severely disrupted due to the emergence of the COVID-19 virus, the subsequent declaration of a global pandemic, and the gradual implementation of international travel restrictions by nearly every country. Throughout the Summer of 2020, Europe began to lift some travel restrictions, only to reimpose them when the second wave… Read more »

Monthly Risk Spotlight: May 2021

AMERICAS Tax Reform Proposal Sparks Protests in Colombia Wednesday, 28 April the Central Unitaria de Trabajadores (CUT) trade union initiated a national strike (paro nacional) and led mass protests in response to a proposed tax reform championed by President Iván Duque Márquez’s administration. At the time of writing this article, sustained mass protests in Medellín,… Read more »