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Travel Assistance 101: How to Use On Call’s Language Interpretation Service

Imagine: You just wrapped up a business trip in New Delhi and are about to check out of your hotel when you realize your hotel bill seems exceptionally high for your two-night stay. You try explaining the situation to the concierge, but he knows very little English. You don’t want to risk missing your flight… Read more »

Travel Assistance 101: Top 10 Travel Annoyances … and How On Call Can Help!

More often than not, it’s the little things that can “trip up” a business trip and make it a lot less productive than you would like. Luggage that’s gone MIA, misplacing your passport, running out of cash— you know, the types of things that aren’t life threatening, but can be time consuming, costly and downright… Read more »

Travel Assistance 101: How to Get a Medical Referral While Traveling

You’re on a business trip in Paris when you start to experience some unpleasant symptoms. You know it’s time to see a doctor, but you’re not sure where to go (it’s hard enough finding physicians you can trust at home!). You could check with your hotel concierge or try a local walk-in clinic, but you’re… Read more »

Travel Assistance 101: How a Commercial Medical Evacuation Works

What do you think of when you hear the word “medical evacuation?” Some of us think of “M*A*S*H”- type helicopters rescuing people atop Mt. Everest or in the middle of the Amazon jungle. Others might think of special military ops and top-secret government assignments … or some of us might not know what to think!… Read more »

Travel Assistance 101: How to Use On Call’s Nurse Helpline

Imagine: You’re traveling in Switzerland and you wake up with swollen eyes, a headache and a stuffy nose. The over-the-counter medication you packed doesn’t seem to be working, and it’s starting to put a damper on your trip. What’s next? You’re not sure if you’re ill enough to see a doctor, but it would be… Read more »

Travel Assistance 101: How Does Natural Disaster Evacuation Work?

  In 2012, there were 905 natural catastrophes worldwide, 93% of which were weather-related disasters. In recent years, we have witnessed some unforgettable natural disasters that had a tremendous impact on travelers— the 2012 Typhoon in the Philippines, the 2011 Japanese Tsunami, the 2010 Earthquake in Haiti (just to name a few). Encountering a natural… Read more »

Travel Assistance 101: How to Secure Emergency Funds While Traveling Abroad

It could happen to anyone, even the most prepared and cautious travelers. Halfway through your trip to Europe, your wallet – along with your cash, ATM and credit cards – have gone MIA. A wave of panic comes over you—if only you had remembered to pack that stash of cash and an extra credit card… Read more »

Travel Assistance 101: What to Do if Your Wallet is Lost or Stolen While Traveling

Losing your wallet—especially while traveling—can be nerve-wracking, frustrating and costly.  While that’s not a situation anyone would like to experience first-hand, if you’re prepared and know what to expect, you can actually make things a lot easier on yourself. If you’re an On Call member, contact us right away and we’ll help you through it…. Read more »