Travel Assistance 101: What to Do If You Test Positive for COVID While Traveling Abroad

Post Updated: 10/18/2022

Share this helpful information with your travelers to help them prepare in the event they test positive for COVID while traveling abroad:

  • Be aware of quarantine or isolation regulations (if required) at your destination – Pro tip: Many countries offer a COVID hotline that may help answer general questions and direct you to local resources

  • Understand your destination’s testing requirements and guidelines prior to proceeding with onward travel

  • Read the fine print – at home test kits results may not be accepted if filing a travel insurance claim

  • Review your airline’s regulations for COVID positive travel and if any documentation is needed

  • If sick with concerning symptoms (severe shortness of breath, chest pain, confusion), seek immediate medical care If at risk for complicated infections, seek immediate medical care

  • Depending on the area of the world, obtaining medical care can present some challenges—work with your organization’s travel risk management provider for resources and assistance with obtaining the medical attention you need in your destination

  • Your organization’s travel risk management provider can also assist with the following:

    • Rescheduling flights

    • Finding hotels that can accommodate COVID positive travelers

    • Finding official testing locations

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