Important Update from On Call’s Global Security Team: General Standing Advice and Considerations for Travelers in Europe

As conflict continues to erupt in Ukraine, On Call’s Global Response Center Teams have received an influx of inquiries around general traveler safety for those in bordering countries as well as for those in other areas throughout Europe. According to On Call’s Director of Global Security Services, Ben Longworth, “It’s important for the general traveler population not to panic as there is a low risk of military conflict spilling over directly into NATO countries at this time.”

Potential Impacts For Those Operating in Other Countries Include:

    • Heightened risk of cyber-attacks potentially disrupting critical and/or travel infrastructure (ex. airline booking systems compromised disrupting air travel)

    • Closure of Ukraine air space could result in flights across the region being re-routed

    • Increased global commodity prices, particularly for fuel and wheat, precipitated by NATO sanctions on Russia and likely retaliatory Russian sanctions—these factors could instigate civil unrest in some circumstances.

General Standing Advice & Considerations for Travelers:

    • Land borders to European countries including Hungary, Moldova, Poland, Romania, and Slovakia remain open at this time

    • Expect that flight routes that traditionally run through Ukraine’s airspace are now being forced to re-route, thus resulting in possible delays and longer flight times

    • Expect that many countries closed their airspace to Russian carriers and are canceling flights into and out of Russia; Russia has also restricted many non-Russian carriers from entering their airspace

    • Be aware that cyber-attacks may target transportation or telecommunications services. In such cases, suspensions of such services or outages could last for several hours or days without prior warning

    • Avoid any locations where military activity is occurring

Important to Note: as during any other global crisis, it’s important for travelers to remain vigilant and consume information/advice from credible sources only. As such, On Call’s clients are encouraged to consult with us directly for the latest situation updates and related traveler safety recommendations. For everyone else, please feel free to get in touch with us for more information on how On Call can help protect your travelers with our customized travel risk management and emergency assistance services.

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