On Call’s Travel Risk Management Newsletter: Spring 2024

Do your travel risk management plans need a spring refresh? Spring is not only a great time for a fresh start, but the perfect opportunity to revisit (and recalibrate!) your goals and priorities. On Call’s e-newsletter can help you do a ‘spring reset’ on your organization’s travel risk management strategy, and stay on top of… Read more »

Monthly Risk Spotlight: March 2024

AMERICAS Gangs and Violence Increase Across the Americas Organized and powerful gangs have been a rising issue across the Americas, with large-scale gang-related violence in 2024 particularly pronounced in both Ecuador and Haiti. This is in addition to the continued increase of organized criminal groups in Mexico, Nicaragua, and Colombia, though the problem is acute… Read more »

On Call’s Global Risks Review: Intelligence, Analysis & Insights for 2024

On Call International proudly presents its 2023/2024 Annual Global Risks Review. This timely and insightful risk intelligence publication features insights and analysis from On Call’s Global Security Team aimed at helping organizations make informed decisions about travel in the year ahead. This year’s publication not only takes a look back at critical events from 2023,… Read more »

Monthly Risk Spotlight: January 2024

AMERICAS From Economic Prosperity to Economic Uncertainty 2023 was a year of strong economic growth for the Western Hemisphere. Economic activity in the region was at its highest levels since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, and the region was able to grow at a rapid 4% rate, making it one of the fastest-growing regions… Read more »

Risk Management Considerations For Operating in High-Risk, Last Mile (HRLM) Environments

While routine safety mitigation measures should be considered and leveraged no matter where constituents are headed, destinations designated as higher-risk environments require thorough research, planning, and preparation before an organization commits to sending its travelers to such locations. There are locations – even within developed countries – that can be recognized through a travel health… Read more »

Plan Ahead: 7 Hacks for Smoother Winter Air Travel

In many parts of the world, it’s officially winter – which not only means snow, ice, sleet, and cold temperatures – but also a higher risk for flight cancellations and delays. To help lessen your frustrations when the next storm hits, here are some top things to keep in mind when planning your next winter… Read more »

What is Travel Risk Management?

Travel risk management (TRM) is a comprehensive, consistent and proactive approach to protecting your people and your organization from travel risks. The broader notion of travel risk management and duty of care is not just linked to how well your organization can respond to a crisis—but rather, how well equipped it is to actually help… Read more »

Monthly Risk Spotlight: December 2023

AMERICAS A Focus on Territorial Disputes Across the Region On December 3, a national referendum was held in Venezuela to determine whether the nation should annex Essequibo, an oil-rich region of neighboring Guyana. Although the referendum was non-binding, and the United Nations (UN) has already publicly denounced it as illegitimate, the territorial dispute between Guyana… Read more »

Ask the Travel Emergency Expert: 8 Ways to Plan for Smoother Holiday Air Travel

Whether one is traveling to visit loved ones, heading back home from school, or traveling for business, flying during the busy holiday season can add an additional layer of complexity to any journey. While we cannot control traffic, weather, or seat assignments, here are some simple (and often overlooked!) tips and tricks from On Call’s… Read more »

On Call’s Travel Risk Management Newsletter: Fall/Winter 2023

With the end of 2023 around the horizon, are you ready to step into 2024 with a solid strategy for managing risks and keeping travelers safe? We can help! On Call’s email newsletter keeps pulse on the ever-changing travel risk management landscape so you don’t have to. Each quarter, subscribers of our newsletter, TRM: Today, will… Read more »