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Mixing Business With Pleasure: Today’s Business Travelers Are No Strangers to Bad Behavior [INFOGRAPHIC]

America’s business travelers are mixing business with pleasure—and it’s happening more often than you may think.  According to a national survey* we conducted, more than a quarter (27%) of business travelers admit to binge drinking while on business trips, and more than one in ten (11%) told us they’ve “picked up” a stranger at a… Read more »

Travel Trend Report: The Rise of the “Bleisure” Traveler

What do you get when you mix business and leisure travel? The growing trend of bleisure travel (aka, bizcations) isn’t just taking time out from a business trip to relax; but rather, it’s the act of rolling business trips and vacations into one. For example, a savvy bleisure traveler with an upcoming trip to Paris… Read more »

Private Accommodations Rentals: 5 Tips for a Safe (and Legal) Stay

A popular trend in the business travel world, sites like Airbnb allow people to rent rooms in someone’s home, cottage or apartment for low nightly rates. Budget-conscious companies are embracing these services, and their travelers who prefer the comforts of home (and the ability to live like a local!) aren’t complaining. However, if your company… Read more »

7 Great Apps for International Business Travelers

Business travel is not always as glamorous as it may seem. In a recent survey, business travelers were found to experience as much as 6.9 hours of stress per trip! That’s valuable time that could be better spent resting or working. With our list of some of the best apps for international business travel, your… Read more »

Go Green: 5 Tips for More Sustainable Employee Travel

Fun fact: The first Earth Day was organized by Gaylord Nelson, a former U.S. senator, in 1970 as a way to bring ecological conservation to the national political agenda. To this day, Earth Day continues to be an annual event that is celebrated on April 22nd to demonstrate support for environmental protection.  In honor of… Read more »

Five Ways to Avoid Hidden Business Travel Costs

As a business traveler, you’re responsible for ensuring that your travel expenses are in line with your company’s expense guidelines. This can be especially important if you work for a small company or start-up as you need to save the company’s precious financial resources. But with hidden costs lurking everywhere from major airlines to car… Read more »

Travel to Cuba: What You Need to Know

In our post last month, we talked about five considerations for healthy travel to Cuba. Now that you’re informed with tips on how to stay healthy in Cuba, we thought we’d go over some of the other travel guidelines essential to anyone traveling to the country under the new regulations: U.S. Travel to Cuba The… Read more »

Traveling to Cuba: 5 Considerations for a Healthy Trip

Since the Obama Administration’s recent publication regarding amended regulations that allow for expanded travel to Cuba, more Americans will be able to experience a destination that has been off-limits for 60+ years. And while the country’s infrastructure is improving to better accommodate foreign visitors, health officials warn travelers that there are health risks present in… Read more »

Get These Now: 10 Must-Have Apps for the Business Traveler

According to a 2014 Google survey of 1,500 business travelers, 63% of respondents admitted to using apps to help their business travel experience. But with all of the app choices on the market, it’s hard to know which ones could actually make a difference. Luckily, we put together the following list of apps that can… Read more »