Author: Christa Danisewicz

Travel Health Update With On Call’s Chief Medical Officer: Omicron BA.5 Variant

There’s a new coronavirus variant traveling around this summer – it’s a variant of Omicron called BA.5. While this is not something that should be taken lightly, On Call’s Chief Medical Officer, Dr. Michelle Nathan, says: “There’s no need to panic. The good news is that BA.5 variant infections have been mild for many people… Read more »

Mid-Year Travel Risk Management Review: How to Prepare for Evolving Concerns & Mitigate Risk

From civil unrest overseas to severe weather and ongoing pandemic concerns – many organizations are still unsure how to effectively navigate the current global risk landscape. One of the best ways to help prepare is by assessing your organization’s travel risk management toolbox. Join On Call’s Director of Security Services, Ben Longworth, and OnSolve’s Vice… Read more »

On Call’s Travel Risk Management Newsletter: Summer 2022

As the world embarks on what is predicted to be one of the busiest summer travel seasons on record, do you feel well-equipped to navigate our current global risk landscape? We can help! On Call’s quarterly newsletter keeps pulse on the complex and ever-changing world of travel risk management and duty of care so you… Read more »

Monthly Risk Spotlight: June 2022

AMERICAS New President, New Colombia? On Sunday, June 19, Colombia held its Presidential runoff elections. The election pitted two very different populists against each other, with both considered anti-establishment by traditional Colombia political elites. Gustavo Petro received more than 50% of the vote over challenger Rodolfo Hernandez and will become Colombia’s next President. Petro’s election… Read more »

Travel Health Update With On Call’s Chief Medical Officer: Summer 2022

As COVID restrictions continue to ease across the globe, many experts are predicting one of the busiest summer travel seasons on record. Curious about how to prepare for a safe and healthy trip this summer? Our Chief Medical Officer, Dr. Michelle Nathan, weighs in on COVID, Monkeypox, and her overall sentiments on the current travel… Read more »

Monthly Risk Spotlight: May 2022

AMERICAS Cyber Risk and Preparedness in Latin America On 27 April, the Russian cybercrime group, Conti, announced that it had hacked the Peruvian Dirrección General de Inteligencia (National Directorate of Intelligence) and would release sensitive information if payment was not made. This comes after Costa Rica’s Ministry of Labor and Ministry of Finance servers were… Read more »

What is Travel Risk Management? [Video]

Every organization, large or small, has a duty of care to protect their travelers wherever they may be. One of the most important things to remember is that Travel Risk Management (TRM) doesn’t just involve your organization’s response to major incidents and global pandemics. An effective travel risk management strategy will also help you prepare… Read more »

4 Common Travel Risk Management Planning Pitfalls (And How to Avoid Them!)

Like any global crisis, the COVID-19 pandemic exposed gaps in travel risk management (TRM) plans as scenarios sketched out on paper played out just a little different than expected in real life. Several common TRM ‘planning pitfalls’ can be identified from this globally shared experience which forced many risk managers to learn on their feet… Read more »

Helping Travelers Every Day: Global Emergency Assistance Snapshot

From medical and security emergencies to more common concerns like a delayed flight or missing passport—here at On Call, every phone call (or live chat, text, or email!) we receive is an opportunity to help someone get prepared for travel or solve a problem while they’re away. Read our latest global emergency assistance snapshot for… Read more »

Monthly Risk Spotlight: April 2022

AMERICAS Global Prices Spark Unrest in Peru Peru is facing significant unrest as protesters have clashed with police and disrupted overland transit throughout much of country, including Lima and Ica, since late March. The story of how these protests were initiated and progressed is one of multiple chain reactions and exhibits how in a globalized… Read more »