Travel Assistance 101: What is a Political Evacuation?

As we’ve seen recently, sometimes our travels take us to areas that are politically unstable. These tensions can quickly escalate into violence or even war, making an evacuation out of these areas the best course of action. Should you find yourself in a situation where a political evacuation becomes necessary, here’s how On Call can help:

First, our Global Security Team will evaluate the local situation. If it’s determined you’re in imminent bodily harm, they will then determine the safest way to get you out of immediate harm’s way and, ultimately, to a safe location.

Once our Security Team has determined the best way to move you quickly and safely, we  will arrange for your transportation to the nearest safe location. This could vary depending on the situation and location, but could include anything from transportation in an armored vehicle with security personnel, to a chartered private flight if the local airport has been shut down or compromised. It could even include transportation by boat if you’re near a coastline.

Other Important Tips:

    • Consume information/advice from credible sources only. On Call’s clients and their constituents are encouraged to consult directly with On Call’s Global Response Center for any information that could affect their travel plans.

    • Enroll in the US Department of State’s Smart Traveler Enrollment Program (or your host country’s local equivalent program) to ensure you receive important information and updates from the U.S. government as a crisis develops.

    • Understand how to access travel emergency assistance–this is invaluable for any type of crisis situation, not just political unrest. On Call’s travelers can reach our Global Response Center via phone, SMS text, live chat or email for help from anywhere in the world 24/7/365.

Important to Note: Political evacuation benefits generally cover transport expenses for a traveler from an unsafe place to a safe one. On Call will arrange for this type of transport if the covered individual is in danger during their trip, but some limitations and exclusions may apply. Our clients and their constituents are always encouraged to check with us for additional guidance and support with understanding their travel risk management and emergency assistance programs and any corresponding terms/conditions. Contact us today to learn more. 


About On Call International:
When traveling, every problem is unique–a medical crisis, a political threat, even a common mishap such as a missed flight. But every solution starts with customized care that ensures travelers are safe and protected. That’s why for over 25 years, On Call International has provided fully-customized travel risk management and global emergency assistance services protecting millions of travelers, their families, and their organizations. Contact us today to learn more.