Author: Christa Danisewicz

Safeguarding Students: Tools to Help Ensure Mental Health Support for Remote Study

The pandemic has created an even greater need for mental health support services to all students, despite the location of their studies. This has left many institutions asking some very important questions: What can we do to support our students who are remote learners due to COVID-19? How do student nationality and cultural reality impact… Read more »

Important Travel Health Update From Dr. Siegart: Flu Vaccine FAQs

As we all continue to navigate the pandemic, most health experts agree that getting a flu vaccine is even more important now than it ever was before. According to our Chief Medical Officer, Dr. Siegart, “Getting a flu vaccine not only helps prevent the flu, but it can help reduce the burden on our healthcare… Read more »

Monthly Risk Spotlight: November 2020

AMERICAS Bolivia Conducts Peaceful Election Following botched elections in 2019, and the resignation of President Evo Morales, a divisive but popular leader of the MAS party, Bolivians now have cause for celebrations. The 2020 elections, which took place on 18 October, were largely peaceful. The last year was fraught with difficulties for the landlocked Andean… Read more »

On Call’s Travel Restart Resource Library

These are challenging times! That’s why we’ve created this resource library to help enhance your understanding of the current global risk landscape, as well as inform your decision-making process around when and how to go about restarting your international travel programs. On Call’s COVID-19 Travel Outlook Map On Call’s COVID-19 Travel Outlook Map aggregates credible… Read more »

Monthly Risk Spotlight: October 2020

AMERICAS Indigenous Groups Struggle to Cope With the Pandemic Across the Americas, indigenous peoples are suffering disproportionately higher case counts and death counts from the current pandemic. In the United States, Native American reservations from the Dakotas to Mississippi have some of the highest recorded per-capita death rates in the country. The Navajo Nation, the… Read more »

‘Non-Binary’ Travel Risk Management, Explained

As decision makers, humans like to think binary. This is particularly true when prospective travelers must weigh the risks and benefits of walking out the front door and making their way to the airport This can often lead to aggressive or conservative decision-making regarding travel, a tendency that has become all the more relevant during… Read more »

What’s Travel ‘Really’ Like Right Now? A Real-World Account With On Call’s Director of Clinical Transport

This sure has been an interesting year in travel. Words like “ghost town” or “deserted” were used frequently by those who traveled earlier this year, but now, as the world starts to open back up again, we’re starting to see elements of travel swinging back to pre-pandemic normal. According to On Call’s Director of Clinical… Read more »

Monthly Risk Spotlight: September 2020

AMERICAS Devastating Fires in Brazil’s Amazon Persists In 2019, the world’s attention was drawn to devastating fires in the Brazilian Amazon. In 2020, as the world’s focus shifted on the pandemic, the destruction to Brazil’s rainforests and wetlands persists, and is on track to be on par with last years’ losses. Between January and August… Read more »