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When Terror Strikes: What Travelers Should Do During an Attack Abroad

While the chances of encountering a terrorist attack abroad are low, there’s still no doubt the world is an unpredictable place. Add to that the heightened threat of terrorism targeting Western interests globally, and it’s important for anyone traveling abroad to be prepared for the worst case scenario. With that in mind, we spoke to… Read more »

Trends & Developments in Global Risk [Free Q1-2018 Report]

Staying informed of trends and developments in global risk means doing more than just flipping through news articles on your smartphone or reading a daily news digest email in the morning. At its heart, risk management is a learning process. The basic measurement of risk is likelihood and impact, and managing risk means effectively comprehending… Read more »

Growing Opportunities, Growing Risks: On Call’s 2017-2018 Global Risks Review

We know it can be a struggle to do the research needed to truly understand the risk environment and where your organization has exposure—and we can help! Our new Global Risks Review not only focuses on big picture issues such as natural disasters and this year’s many important elections, but also discusses specific topics such… Read more »

Minimizing Travel Risk Exposure: Situational Awareness and Surviving Violent Events Abroad

Situational Awareness and Surviving Violent Events Abroad

Given the current security outlook for Western Europe and recent terrorist trend of targeting public venues, there is a growing need for all travelers—not just those headed to high risk environments—to understand safe travel behaviors and extreme event survival tactics. Most recently, the attacks in Spain reconfirmed the need to properly prepare travelers before they… Read more »

How to Effectively Communicate With Travelers During a Crisis Abroad

How you communicate with travelers during a crisis situation is one of the most important things organizations should consider when developing their travel risk management programs. While we live in a world where staying in touch may seem easier than ever, the reality is communicating with travelers in other countries can be much more difficult… Read more »

Travel Risk May Not Be Your Only Risk Overseas: How Are You Protecting Your Supply Chains?

Protecting Your Supply Chains

Author: Benjamin Longworth While developing a travel risk management program is critical, organizations should also consider alternative global and domestic risks that can affect their people, assets, profits, and reputation. When organizations evaluate their supply chain risk, many tend to focus internally rather than on global threats with severe and long-term disruption implications. While some organizations… Read more »

Protracted Qatar Crisis Raises Travel and Business Risks in Gulf Region

Author: Garrett Khoury Saudi-led Arab states’ demands raise prospects of a prolonged dispute with increasing political and economic risks, including for travelers and businesses. Situational Overview: Three weeks after abruptly severing diplomatic relations with Qatar, Saudi Arabia and its partners issued a list of harsh demands that Qatar must comply with within ten days or… Read more »

Considerations for Organizations Operating in High-Risk Environments: Part 2

When operating in high-risk environments, organizations must consider an array of variables that may not pose an appreciable threat in other lower-risk locations. In this two-part blog post, Global Security Specialists Nicholas D’Intino and Raynold Lyngdoh share common issues that can help facilitate discussions within organizations such as corporations, academic institutions, nonprofits and NGOs conducting… Read more »

Considerations for Organizations Operating in High-Risk Environments: Part 1

While there are basic safety precautions that should be considered and exercised no matter where a traveler is headed, destinations designated as ‘high-risk environments’ require even more research and planning before an organization commits to sending its travelers to these locations. Acquiring and utilizing such information appropriately allows an organization to meet one component of… Read more »

Your Organization’s Guide to Implementing a Proactive Online Risk Management Strategy

In today’s complex global landscape, having the ability to identify, locate and communicate with your travelers during a crisis is critical to not only keeping them safe—but also meeting your  organization’s duty of care. But when your travelers and expats are spread all around the world, this level of proactive and continuous oversight can be… Read more »