Trends & Developments in Global Risk [Free Q1-2018 Report]

Staying informed of trends and developments in global risk means doing more than just flipping through news articles on your smartphone or reading a daily news digest email in the morning. At its heart, risk management is a learning process. The basic measurement of risk is likelihood and impact, and managing risk means effectively comprehending that relationship and translating it for others.

By keeping an open mind and a willingness to learn, you can find that ‘sweet-spot’ of situational awareness, where you’re not panicking over the latest news about North Korea, data and privacy issues, or potential trade wars (or real wars, for that matter)—but also not lulling yourself into a sense of complacency.

On Call International’s Global Risk Update will enhance your understanding of stories you see on the news, as well as build on themes from our 2017-2018 Global Risks Review. From Japan to the Philippines, from Morocco to Hong Kong, our in-house security and medical experts will take you beyond the headlines and into what Q1-2018 signaled for political, security, economic, and health risks around the globe.

You can access your free copy of On Call’s Q1-2018 Global Risk Update here. Have additional questions regarding traveler safety, holistic risk management, or want to discuss the report further? Contact us anytime.