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Travel Health Update: Zika Virus Q+A with Dr. Wheeler

Zika is still all over the news and is obviously a big concern for people, including those headed to the Olympics this summer. The virus is spreading rapidly, and the frequent updates are hard to keep up with. Check out our latest interview with our Chief Medical Officer, Dr. Robert Wheeler, to help separate ‘fact… Read more »

Security Landscape in Rio: Q+A with Jim Hutton

Last month we sat down with our Chief Medical Officer, Dr. Wheeler, to talk about the medical landscape in Rio and what travelers can expect if they need emergent medical care while traveling there. This month, we’re switching our gears to safety and picking our Chief Security Officer, Jim Hutton’s, brain on the topic. Read… Read more »

Medical Landscape in Rio: Q+A with Dr. Wheeler

With the Olympic flame on its way to Rio this August—and the Zika virus being a top concern for many travelers these days—we’ve  received several questions regarding the medical landscape in Rio. To help answer these questions, we teamed up with our Chief Medical Officer, Dr. Robert Wheeler, to provide his advice and overall impressions… Read more »

[INFOGRAPHIC] Americans Cancelling Travel Due to Fear of Zika

Would you cancel your trip to destinations affected by the Zika Virus? Survey says… You betcha. In fact, according to our recent Zika travel survey, 64% of Americans said they would cancel their travel plans amid the Zika virus outbreak. Women seem to be most concerned about the virus… and with good reason: many health… Read more »

The Zika Virus and Travel: Should You Be Worried?

Zika has been making headlines lately, and for good reason. The virus, primarily transmitted by the Aedes aegypti mosquito, has been linked to miscarriages and birth defects. The WHO declared a Public Health Emergency for International Concern and the CDC issued an Alert – Level 2 for travelers to affected areas. Want to know if you’re at risk for the… Read more »

Football’s Championship Game: Important Travel Safety Precautions

With the most highly-anticipated football game of the year making its way to the San Francisco Bay Area on Feb. 7th, our Chief Security Officer, Jim Hutton, has some important safety tips for organizations and their travelers attending the big game:     Think About the Weather:  California is known for its Mediterranean-like climate with warm,… Read more »

Road Rules Around the World: Brazil

Did you know that motor vehicle accidents are the number one killer of healthy U.S. citizens who travel to foreign countries? Often we’re out of our comfort zones when traveling internationally, which can cause us to forget important safety precautions–not to mention laws and unspoken rules in other countries are often quite different from those… Read more »

Top Headlines in Travel: 2015 at a Glance

From restoring ties in Cuba to debates about the sharing economy, 2015 has certainly been eventful. As the year comes to a close, we’ve gathered a list of some of the biggest travel headlines from this past year: Cuba: The year began with great news. The U.S. restored diplomatic ties with Cuba. The embassies opened… Read more »

LGBT Safety Advice for International Business Travelers

Post last updated on 8/22/2016. Attitudes and laws toward the LGBT community around the world can be very different from those in the United States. And while most LGBT travelers won’t experience any issues abroad, without proactive planning your LGBT travelers—and your organization—could be at risk. Share this information with your LGBT travelers to help them prepare… Read more »

Top Business Travel Headlines of 2014: A Retrospective

Ebola chart

From the Malaysian Airlines crash in early March to the Ebola epidemic that continues to devastate West Africa, 2014 was certainly a big year in terms of noteworthy travel headlines. As December comes to an end, we’ve compiled a list of some of the most significant business travel stories that shook the world this past… Read more »