Trends in Global Risk: Q2-2018

Want to enhance your understanding of stories you see on the news and apply them to your organization’s travel risk management strategies?

We can help! On Call’s Global Risk Update is just what you need for garnering insights that can help your organization meet its duty of care and better protect your traveling population. In this report, our in-house security and medical experts will take you beyond the headlines and into what second-quarter 2018 signaled for political, security, economic, and health risks around the globe. The report also includes a special focus on sexual assault, as this concerning topic continues to receive increasing attention from organizations across the board.

This invaluable informational resource is geared toward not only helping you stay informed of relevant risks affecting the world today, but to also help you with more informed decision-making through targeted content that supports your organizational risk tolerance and travel risk management initiatives.

Want to learn more? You can access your free copy of On Call’s Q2-2018 Global Risk Update here. Also, if you have any additional questions regarding traveler safety, holistic risk management, or want to discuss the report further, please feel free to contact us anytime.