The Latest Topics (and Hottest Trends) in Travel Risk Management

It can sometimes be a struggle to wrap your head around the current risk environment and where your organization has exposure—but we can help!

On Call International’s Annual Global Risks Review, created by our team of highly-skilled Global Security Specialists, is for organizations like yours who want to stay informed on trending topics in risk management and duty of care. This yearly publication looks back at the top risks travelers faced in 2018, as well as some of the hottest trends that we expect to expand and mature in 2019.

Regional topics in this year’s publication include:

  1. Civil Unrest: Protests against unpopular government measures turned violent in Europe and the Americas.
  2. Natural Disasters: Intense and unprecedented heatwaves led to wildfires in California, Sweden, and Greece. Hurricanes Michael and Florence struck the U.S., along with a devastating tsunami in Indonesia.
  3. Terrorism: There were numerous attacks executed and thwarted throughout Europe, the Middle East, and the Asia-Pacific region.
  4. Infectious Disease: Disease outbreaks remain a global threat, with diseases like Ebola, Cholera, and Middle East Respiratory Syndrome continuing to plague regions around the world.
  5. Cyber/Non-Traditional Attacks: Advanced cyber and sonar attacks in Cuba and China, hacking crossing borders, intellectual property theft, state-sponsored hacking, and drone disruptions proved to be an increasing threat to the global travel population.

In addition to regional stories, we included some thought-provoking articles related to the hottest trends in travel risk management, such as Espionage, IP Theft, Maritime Evacuations, Backpacking Safety, Considerations for NGOs, and more.


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