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Electrical Guide: How to Keep Your Devices Charged Around the World

In the rush of travel planning, it can be easy to forget that electrical outlets vary from country to country. No one wants to arrive at their destination only to realize they have no way of using their devices! Learn how to be prepared (and keep your phone charged!) no matter where you’re traveling: Before… Read more »

How to Align Technology and Risk Management to Optimize Study Abroad Safety and Duty of Care

Whether it’s theft, terrorism, disease, or even weather – global risks have many institutions wondering how to implement or adapt a formal traveler protection strategy. However, when students are spread across the globe, maintaining a level of proactive and continuous oversight can be challenging without the right tools and technology in place. In this blog,… Read more »

Your Organization’s Guide to Implementing a Proactive Online Risk Management Strategy

In today’s complex global landscape, having the ability to identify, locate and communicate with your travelers during a crisis is critical to not only keeping them safe—but also meeting your  organization’s duty of care. But when your travelers and expats are spread all around the world, this level of proactive and continuous oversight can be… Read more »

15 ‘Wicked Good’ Travel Tips from the On Call Team

It’s safe to say that having the privilege to work with all of your travelers over the past 20+ years has taught the On Call staff a thing or two about travel. That’s why this month we reached out to our team of dedicated assistance and travel risk management experts for their best advice on staying… Read more »

Smartphones and Travel: Staying Connected (Without Breaking the Bank)

Nearly two-thirds of Americans are now smartphone owners, and 46% say their phones are something they “couldn’t live without.” Which isn’t at all shocking; after all, people are turning to their mobile devices to do much more than text, call or email these days…and travel is no exception. Whether it’s keeping up with breaking news,… Read more »

7 Great Mobile Apps for Students Studying Abroad

It’s no secret that millennials are attached to their smartphones. A recent survey showed that 86% of people aged 18 to 29 own smartphones, so chances are, most of your students will use their phones when traveling abroad. To help them make the most of their devices while overseas, we’ve compiled a list of great… Read more »

The Sharing Economy: 5 Essential Safety Tips for a Safer Ride

Getting a ride wherever and whenever you need it has never been easier thanks to sharing economy services like Uber and Lyft. But this ease and simplicity also presents some risks, especially in unfamiliar surroundings. Read our tips below to keep yourself safe when using sharing economy services when you travel. 1. Wait in a… Read more »

Three (More) Emerging Trends That Could Affect Your Company’s Travel Policy

If your staff has been getting from Point A to Point B without any monumental issues, perhaps there’s no motivation to address your company’s current travel policy. However, why not be proactive and make a few updates before something actually goes wrong? Last month we talked about risky behaviors, bleisure and the sharing economy and… Read more »

Private Accommodations Rentals: 5 Tips for a Safe (and Legal) Stay

A popular trend in the business travel world, sites like Airbnb allow people to rent rooms in someone’s home, cottage or apartment for low nightly rates. Budget-conscious companies are embracing these services, and their travelers who prefer the comforts of home (and the ability to live like a local!) aren’t complaining. However, if your company… Read more »

7 Great Apps for International Business Travelers

Business travel is not always as glamorous as it may seem. In a recent survey, business travelers were found to experience as much as 6.9 hours of stress per trip! That’s valuable time that could be better spent resting or working. With our list of some of the best apps for international business travel, your… Read more »