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Protect Your Traveling Students, Faculty and Staff with Searchlight

Medical Emergencies. Natural Disasters. Political Unrest… As much as we don’t like to think about it, all of these issues could affect your academic institution’s traveling population. As your students, faculty, and staff navigate the world, you’re constantly asking yourself if there’s even more you could be doing to ensure that they — and you… Read more »

Travel Con Games + Travel Tips to Avoid Them

The following is a guest blog post from our friend and well-known travel expert, Rudy Maxa. You’re driving along a highway in Italy and a car pulls up beside side you beeping and pointing to your rear tire.  The concerned-looking driver’s gestures suggest you pull over to the side of the road. Don’t do it…. Read more »

Seven Tips for Employers with Traveling or Expatriate Employees

According to the U.S. Travel Association, business travelers make up approximately 20 percent of all travelers and there are 6.32 million Americans living overseas, in more than 160 countries. While life on the road can sometimes seem appealing from racking up frequent flier miles to overnights at popular hotels, true road warriors know that business… Read more »

Top Travel Trends in 2012

Where will you be heading on your vacations in 2012? After a tough 2011, it might have been expected that leisure travel would be one of the areas experiencing cutbacks. Instead, experts predicting the top travel trends for 2012 report that expenditure on vacations is going to remain buoyant. Maybe it’s all that bad financial… Read more »

Video: Tips If You Get the Flu While Traveling

Last week, our medical director Dr. Bob Wheeler discussed tips to prevent the flu. But, what happens if you take all the right measures and you get the flu anyway? Or, if you just haven’t had time to get your flu shot yet and you get sick? Getting sick isn’t fun no matter what, but… Read more »

Video: How to Prevent the Flu

Cold and flu season is well under way, and getting sick can put a damper on holiday travel plans. We recently sat down with our medical director, Dr. Bob Wheeler, to learn ways to prevent the flu. Next week, Dr. Wheeler will share tips on what to do if you end up with the flu… Read more »

On Call A Day in the Life of an On Call Assistance Coordinator

*This post was guest written by former On Call International Assistance Coordinator Hayley Mackay December already! It’s a month full of snow and ice (depending on where you live), good food and the holidays. The average American family is taking time off to visit friends and family. The bags are packed, the dog is kenneled,… Read more »

Medical Monitoring – A Life-Saving Service

As a travel assistance company, we help thousands of travelers every year with medical incidents they’ve encountered while on vacation, business trips, or while working or studying abroad. In fact, we oversee more than 7,000 medical cases every year. Many of those cases result in medical evacuation or other medical transportation, while in other cases,… Read more »

Share Your Story Contest!

We like hearing interesting travel stories, and we like giving people free travel assistance. What does that mean for you? You have the chance to share your travel story with us and be entered to win a free (yes, free) Annual Membership! If you’ve ever been in a tricky travel situation, even a life-threatening one,… Read more »

What to do if you get the flu while traveling

Last week, we offered tips on how to prevent the flu this season, because no one likes to get sick on vacation or a business trip. However, sometimes even with the best preventive measures, the flu strikes anyway. Common flu symptoms include: Fever (sometimes)       Cough Sore throat Runny or stuffy nose Body aches Headache Chills… Read more »