Medical Monitoring – A Life-Saving Service

As a travel assistance company, we help thousands of travelers every year with medical incidents they’ve encountered while on vacation, business trips, or while working or studying abroad. In fact, we oversee more than 7,000 medical cases every year. Many of those cases result in medical evacuation or other medical transportation, while in other cases, the travelers are able to recover enough to continue their trips. In either situation, medical monitoring is a key service to ensuring our travelers are healthy and safe.

Whenever one of our members experiences a medical issue or becomes hospitalized, our Assistance Coordinators spring into action the moment we’re alerted of the situation. Whether you have a brief visit to the local ER for an unusual symptom or you’re hospitalized for a serious illness or injury, our “ACs” work with the treating doctors or hospital to make sure you’re receiving the right care for your needs. They’ll chase down your medical reports, inform your family and friends of your situation and progress if you wish, and even get medical interpreters on the line so our physicians can talk to your treating doctors about your condition in their own native tongue.

 Dr. Robert Wheeler and his team of physicians oversee more than 7,000 medical cases each year

Dr. Robert Wheeler and his team of physicians oversee more than 7,000 medical cases each year

Our in-house Medical Director and his team of physicians and nurses oversee every medical case, serious or not-so-serious. As you may know, not all medical care is created equal around the world. While some locations may have superior facilities and physician training, others may have only the level of training we’d expect of nurses, or even less. Our Medical Director and his team are all U.S.-trained and certified, so they adhere to the level of care we’d expect here in the U.S. If they don’t think you’re receiving the appropriate treatment, or that the local hospital isn’t properly equipped to care for you, they’ll recommend immediate medial evacuation to a better facility. Or, if you need to return home for hospitalization or follow up care, our Medical Director will make sure you’re transported in the safest way possible, whether by air ambulance or by a commercial flight with a nurse to help administer your medication and keep you comfortable.

Medical monitoring services help ensure your appropriate care and safety in a medical situation, which can be frustrating and scary when you’re home – much less far away from home where you may not know the local language, customers, or quality of care. Your On Call membership gives you the access you need for this important service.