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Travel Assistance 101: A Day in the Life of an On Call Assistance Coordinator

One of your travelers is abroad when they begin to feel very ill. They don’t know where the nearest clinic is (or how they will manage to get there!), so they place a call to your organization’s travel risk management provider, On Call International. Immediately, they are connected to an On Call Assistance Coordinator (AC)…. Read more »

Travel Assistance 101: Why Medical Paperwork Matters

If you or one of your travelers ever need emergency medical transportation from On Call International – whether it’s a commercial evacuation with one of our Rescue Nurses or privately via air ambulance – a set of medical documents will be required to ensure your safe transport. These documents (in On Call’s lingo, ‘initial letters,’)… Read more »

Travel Assistance 101: How a Medical Evacuation Works

Sometimes we travel to places where the quality of medical care isn’t the same as what we’re accustomed to in the U.S. According to our Transportation Manager, Juan Ives, “If a member needs critical medical care while they’re away, our main goal is to ensure they’re treated in a facility that is properly staffed and… Read more »

Travel Assistance 101: What is a Rescue Nurse?

You’re at a high-stress business meeting in Hong Kong and you start to experience chest pain. You need immediate cardiac intervention (good thing you had On Call to refer you to an appropriate local facility with cardiac catheterization capabilities!) and after you’ve recuperated enough to begin rehab, you would like to return home to continue… Read more »

Travel Assistance 101: Common Travel Fears and How On Call Can Help (Part 1)

Sick woman

Whether you’re new to travel or a seasoned road warrior, most people have at least one thing that worries them when they leave home(and it’s not just fear of flying). Here is our first round-up of common trip-related fears we hear from novice travelers and professional jet-setters alike and how On Call members can turn to… Read more »

Travel Assistance 101: What to Do If You Miss Your Flight

Plane taking off from airport

You know you can call us if you get sick or injured while traveling, but did you know you can also contact On Call for minor hiccups and inconveniences like a lost passport, stolen wallet or even a missed flight? Well, now you do! These are the types of things that aren’t life-threatening, but can be… Read more »

Travel Assistance 101: Top 10 Travel Annoyances … and How On Call Can Help!

Man stealing wallet

More often than not, it’s the little things that can “trip up” a business trip and make it a lot less productive than you would like. Luggage that’s gone MIA, misplacing your passport, running out of cash— you know, the types of things that aren’t life threatening, but can be time consuming, costly and downright… Read more »

Travel Assistance 101: How to Get a Medical Referral While Traveling

You’re on a business trip in Paris when you start to experience some unpleasant symptoms. You know it’s time to see a doctor, but you’re not sure where to go (it’s hard enough finding physicians you can trust at home!). You could check with your hotel concierge or try a local walk-in clinic, but you’re… Read more »