Travel Assistance 101: Common Travel Fears and How On Call Can Help (Part 1)

Sick woman Whether you’re new to travel or a seasoned road warrior, most people have at least one thing that worries them when they leave home(and it’s not just fear of flying). Here is our first round-up of common trip-related fears we hear from novice travelers and professional jet-setters alike and how On Call members can turn to us for help:

What if I get sick or injured during my trip?

Minor Illnesses: If you’re not sick enough to see a doctor but need a medical professional’s input, you can call our 24-hour Nurse Helpline. While not every illness or injury warrants a trip to the ER or doctor’s office, it’s always smart to be cautious and talk to a nurse any time you’re not feeling well.

Major Illness or Injury: If you’re faced with an emergency medical situation, call us and we’ll locate a medical facility in your destination that can provide you with adequate care.  We can even arrange for a medical evacuation to get you to a better hospital or to your hospital of choice back home if you need ongoing care.

What if my destination suddenly becomes unsafe? First, check out our advice on how to stay safe during a travel alert. Our tips include enrolling in the State Department’s Smart Traveler Enrollment Program (STEP) and staying connected Civil unrest in Moldovathrough your smartphone to monitor alerts. Of course, there are no guarantees when it comes to traveling to a destination where a travel alert has been issued, and you need to plan accordingly.

What if I don’t fit in? Avoid sticking out like a sore thumb or, even worse, offending your hosts, by following our business etiquette rules.  Tips include learning some important key words and phrases in your destination’s native language, being on time for every meeting, and avoiding dressing in ways that target you as a tourist or an American (such as clothing branded with sports team logos, etc.) It’s also a good idea to learn your host country’s local customs and beliefs in advance of your trip so you can be sure to adhere to the cultural norms while you’re there.

What if my airline loses my luggage? Chances are in your favor that the airline will retrieve your luggage. In fact, according to the Department of Transportation, only 2% of luggage mishandled by airlines is forever lost or unclaimed. On Call members can give us a call and we’ll assist you through the process of finding your missing luggage. You can also take a look at these steps to take if your luggage goes missing.

What if I’m the victim of pickpocketing? You can help avoid being pickpocketed by following simple steps such as keeping your wallet tucked away securely on your person, or using a discreet anti-theft travel wallet such as this. InMan stealing wallet the event you are pickpocketed (or, if you happen to misplace your wallet), On Call can help you secure emergency travel funds via wire transfer, Western Union or even in person with local currency via our local contacts. We can also conference you in to your bank or credit card company to cancel (or replace) any missing credit cards. Be sure to also check out our blog post for additional tips on what to do if your wallet is lost or stolen while you’re traveling domestically or internationally.

As you can see, On Call can help you conquer travel problems big and small and give you peace of mind when you travel.  We’re also here 24/7 to answer any questions and address any concerns you have related to your upcoming trip. Check out Part 2, where we talk about more of your common travel fears!

Safe Travels!

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  1. Good advice, no one should let their fears stop them from seeing the world! I just wrote about some of my fears while traveling, they’re a little more odd ball, and out there, but I think making it funny helps :) Check it out and let me know what you think.

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