On Call in Action: Student Injures Ankle in Ecuador

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This Month: Study Abroad Student Fractures Ankle on Weekend Hike
Mary* was at work when she received a frantic phone call from her daughter, Abby,* who was studying in Quito, Ecuador. As it turned out, Abby lost her footing and injured her ankle while taking a weekend hike with a friend. She was evaluated and treated at a nearby emergency room for a severe ankle fracture. Unfamiliar with the local medical resources, Abby was frightened to undergo surgery in a foreign country. Fortunately, Mary enrolled Abby in a travel assistance plan and knew she could call On Call for help.

On Call to the Rescue
On Call’s medical staff reassured Mary that her daughter was in an appropriate facility with orthopedic doctors who could treat her fracture. Due to the severity of the situation, On Call recommended that Abby receive treatment locally instead of at her hospital back in the States. Mary was relieved that On Call coordinated Abby’s surgery with her treating doctors, and contacted her U.S. medical insurer to arrange for guarantee of payments for Abby’s hospital bills.

The surgery was successful and On Call’s medical team closely monitored Abby’s recovery and also remained in close contact with Mary and Abby to address their questions and concerns. Since Abby needed intensive physical therapy to continue her recovery, she decided it would be best to return home to the U.S.

Home Safe and Sound
With the help of contacts and translators in Quito, On Call was able to obtain Abby’s medical information and arrange her flight to the States. Since Abby was on crutches, On Call recommended she refrain from navigating the hectic airport on her own.
Mary was relieved when On Call informed her that they worked with her daughter’s study abroad program and the airline to arrange for airport escorts. Mary and Abby were thankful that On Call could assist in making an ankle fracture in a foreign country easier to manage.

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*Names have been changed to protect traveler privacy.