What is an Air Ambulance and What Does it Look Like?

Sometimes, we travel to amazing places off the beaten path where the medical care isn’t that great. While we expect our trips to go off without a hitch (and most times they do!), if you experience a serious illness or injury away from home, an emergency medical evacuation via private air ambulance can get you home safely and into the hands of your own trusted doctors.

So what exactly is an air ambulance and what does it look like? Pack your bags (don’t forget your On Call card!) and join us for a guided tour of a private air ambulance to find out!

Patient is being transported from ground air ambulance to private air ambulance

Interior UAC 2

Inside view—each air ambulance is staffed with two pilots and, depending on the patient’s medical requirements, two or more experienced and certified medical crew.

Interior UAC 3
You’ll notice the plane is quite small, with room for only one of the patient’s traveling companions to accompany him or her on the plane.

LA-1340-Edit (2)

Air ambulance’s medical team tending to patient’s IVs.

Picture 067

On board paramedic monitoring patient’s condition and keeping him stable—most air ambulances are equipped with state-of-the-art medical technology including Lifepack 12, ALS medication and equipment, as well as ventilators and incubators if required.


Is this what you pictured an air ambulance to look like? Let us know in the comments below!


  1. Tara Tompson says:

    It’s really comforting to know that this exists! I travel a lot and while I love seeing new places it can be scary if I were to get sick or injured. I’ll be traveling to Jamaica with less worry in my heart now!

    Tara | http://emedjamaica.com

  2. An air ambulance sounds like a good thing to have ready when traveling. You are right, the plane is really small. Does that allow it to move faster? I travel a lot, so maybe I should look more into these planes.

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