Webinar Recap: Protecting Your People Abroad Protects Your Business at Home

Proactive travel risk

Recently we teamed up with Professor Daniel Diermeier, PhD., Reputation and Crisis Management expert, to give you an insider perspective on how to proactively protect your employees—and your company—from business travel risks. During this webinar, Dr. Diermeier discusses the rising urgency for enhanced traveler protection and the four main types of travel risks that could expose your company to serious consequences: people, legal, financial and reputational.

He takes a deep dive into the vulnerable and complicated dynamic between companies, their people and their external audiences. This includes the rising expectations of corporate conduct and how falling short of these expectations not only can affect workforce engagement, productivity and retention—but can also put your company’s reputation on the line. An actionable approach for assessing reputational risk is discussed, as well as the critical components of a strong traveler protection strategy. Dr. Diermeier concludes the webinar with a thought-provoking Q+A session that helps participants gain more thorough insights on particular topics discussed during the presentation.

Want to watch the webinar yourself? See “Protecting Your People Abroad Protects Your Business at Home” here.