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Travel Cheat Sheet of the Month: 5 Ways to be a Carry-on Business Traveler

PLanning for a trip

Flight delays, cancelled connections, lost luggage … bottom line: if you don’t check bags, there’s less room for error. Not to mention there’s the cost savings, freedom and extra mobility that packing light gives you. So what’s the catch? Well … packing for today’s overhead bin reality can be a little tricky. Here are some of… Read more »

Travel Cheat Sheet of the Month: Expat Preparation Checklist

Stamped passport

According to the Association of American Residents Overseas, more than 6.32 million Americans live in 160+ countries. That’s a lot of people! In fact, if all of those Americans were placed in one state, it would be the 17th most populated state in the U.S. If you’re one of the many Americans joining the international… Read more »

Travel Cheat Sheet of the Month: DIY Winter Emergency Roadkit

Attention road warriors! Whether or not you love winter  (and the driving conditions that come with it), you should pay attention to the 2014 winter forecast for several regions of the U.S. from the likes of AccuWeather, the Weather Channel and the National Weather Service. Even the most experienced drivers can run into unexpected emergencies… Read more »

Travel Cheat Sheet of the Month: Traveling with Medications

Traveling with medications

One of the most common questions we get from our clients is, “what do I need to know about traveling with medications?” If you’ve been wondering the same thing, check out our advice for making sure your medication gets to your destination just as safely as you do. Pack more than you need: This is… Read more »

Travel Cheat Sheet of the Month: How to Get through Airport Security Faster

If you’re like most business travelers, you don’t have a lot of time to kill… at the airport or reading this post. Breeze through airport security with these quick and dirty tips: Double-Check Tricky Items: You could go to TSA’s website to review the list of prohibited items, but why waste time when there’s an… Read more »