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Why Your Organization Should Care About the Changes to Travel.State.Gov

Post updated on 4/12/18. Travelers heading abroad in 2018 may notice some new changes to the State Department’s Bureau of Consular Affairs website (i.e. travel.state.gov) and the travel alert process. In this blog, we’ll discuss what these changes are and how to interpret them, so that travel administrators, risk professionals, and individual travelers alike can… Read more »

Natural Disaster Planning and Crisis Management

Author: Benjamin Longworth  Natural disasters such as hurricanes or earthquakes are one of the key threats to travelers abroad. While you may already have some preparations in place to protect your travelers’ safety, consider some of the often-overlooked steps your organization should also take to help mitigate risk for these types of events. When planning… Read more »

Female Traveler Safety in Muslim Countries

Author: Betsy Perry Female travel to Muslim countries is on the rise as businesses invest in the region and more higher education institutions support study abroad programs.  To help keep female travelers safe, it’s important to prepare them for the specific security concerns and cultural differences they may encounter. Share this information with your female travelers… Read more »

Minimizing Travel Risk Exposure: Situational Awareness and Surviving Violent Events Abroad

Situational Awareness and Surviving Violent Events Abroad

Given the current security outlook for Western Europe and recent terrorist trend of targeting public venues, there is a growing need for all travelers—not just those headed to high risk environments—to understand safe travel behaviors and extreme event survival tactics. Most recently, the attacks in Spain reconfirmed the need to properly prepare travelers before they… Read more »

How to Effectively Communicate With Travelers During a Crisis Abroad

How you communicate with travelers during a crisis situation is one of the most important things organizations should consider when developing their travel risk management programs. While we live in a world where staying in touch may seem easier than ever, the reality is communicating with travelers in other countries can be much more difficult… Read more »

Travel Risk May Not Be Your Only Risk Overseas: How Are You Protecting Your Supply Chains?

Protecting Your Supply Chains

Author: Benjamin Longworth While developing a travel risk management program is critical, organizations should also consider alternative global and domestic risks that can affect their people, assets, profits, and reputation. When organizations evaluate their supply chain risk, many tend to focus internally rather than on global threats with severe and long-term disruption implications. While some organizations… Read more »

Terrorism in Western Europe & Its Implications for Your Travelers

Europe security outlook

While the terrorism threat in Western Europe is real, it’s important to understand the context of this threat, how it affects your travel risk management strategy, and any implications to your overall duty of care. To help you do just that, our webinar, Terrorism in Western Europe & Its Implications for Your Travelers, provides unique… Read more »

Mid-Year Travel Security Outlook for Western Europe

Travel Security

The international focus on Western Europe has only intensified over the past half year, with continued concern over the terrorism threat and ongoing attention on the rise of nationalist politics in key countries. The short-term outlook for terrorist activity in Western Europe is bleak, as terrorist groups (primarily ISIS) have displayed not only the desire… Read more »

Traveling With Pets: How to Plan for the Unexpected

Anyone who travels frequently knows all too well that leaving a four-legged pal at home can be difficult. Aside from finding credible sitters and boarding facilities, the guilt factor alone can make travel less enjoyable for many pet parents—and for those planning longer-term stays, it may actually be more cost effective to bring Fluffy along… Read more »

Considerations for Organizations Operating in High-Risk Environments: Part 2

When operating in high-risk environments, organizations must consider an array of variables that may not pose an appreciable threat in other lower-risk locations. In this two-part blog post, Global Security Specialists Nicholas D’Intino and Raynold Lyngdoh share common issues that can help facilitate discussions within organizations such as corporations, academic institutions, nonprofits and NGOs conducting… Read more »