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6 Real Travel Scams: How to Identify and Prevent Them

Author: Evan Garfield  For many people, international travel presents an opportunity for new experiences, insights, and adventures. However, it can also present an opportunity for criminals and swindlers to prey on those they perceive as easy targets and take advantage of travelers’ unfamiliarity with the local area. Here at On Call International, one of our… Read more »

What is an On Call Global Security Specialist (And Why Does Your Organization Need One)?

Here at On Call, we routinely find that administrators responsible for travel risk and security find themselves to be under-resourced, lower priority, and in constant fire-fighting mode. Our clients tell us it can sometimes feel impossible to be proactive about risk, let alone respond to incidents in a timely and effective fashion. Luckily, On Call’s… Read more »

LGBTQ+ Travel Safety Considerations and Resources

Author: Evan Garfield  Safety is a key concern for risk managers and travelers alike. For many organizations, attention is typically allocated to issues such as crime, terrorism, political instability, natural disasters, and health risks in preparation for travel. There is no question these are important areas to look at when assessing travel risk. However, there… Read more »

How Does Your Institution Stack Up? Travel Risk Management in Higher Education

The results are in! On Call International recently conducted an in-depth, qualitative Travel Risk Management survey to help institutions like yours identify best practices, proactively understand strengths and gaps within their current education abroad programs, and benefit from benchmarking data for comparative purposes. And now, we’re excited to announce that our resulting Benchmarking Study: Travel… Read more »

The Ultimate Dictionary of TRM Terms That You (and Your Organization) Should Know

Here on the On Call blog, we’ve covered all things travel risk management (TRM), with the goal of sharing information and resources that you will find helpful as you continue to enhance your organization’s travel health and safety initiatives. As part of this goal, we thought it would be useful to create a holistic ‘TRM… Read more »

Protests and Demonstrations: Traveler Safety and Preparation Advice [INFOGRAPHIC]

In certain areas of the world, protests and demonstrations are quite common—and while they can be influential and exciting, they can also lead to chaos, violence, and can compromise one’s safety. Whether initiated by activists, unions, police, hate groups, or others, it’s important for your travelers to know what they should do if they find… Read more »

Travel Risk Strategies: Advice to Follow if Arrested Abroad

Interacting with security and law enforcement officials in another country can be a nerve-racking experience, and in the event a visitor is accused of committing a crime, the situation can be even more stressful. It can also be difficult for organizations to plan and prepare for the possibility of having a traveler detained or arrested… Read more »

On Call in Action: Safety at Risk in Barcelona

On Call International helps organizations and their travelers take a proactive and holistic approach to not only managing emergencies when they arise—but also planning for and even preventing them before they happen. Tune in each month to see how On Call International helps with travel problems, big and small, every day: Safety at Risk in… Read more »

Spring Break: A Security Review of Popular Destinations With Considerations for Students and Administrators

Post updated on 3/12/18. As universities continue to develop more robust travel risk management plans, they are often confronted with uncertainties that identify a need to further define the extent of their duty of care obligations. Throughout the course of an academic year, numerous situations can cause administrators to reevaluate their roles when it comes… Read more »

Contemporary Female Travel: Issues and Risk Strategies

Now, more than ever, organizations are challenged to effectively balance risk management while empowering female travelers to embrace the opportunities this world has to offer. Recognizing this complex challenge, On Call recently teamed up with a diverse panel of experts to present a webinar on female traveler safety in context of modern issues, recent events,… Read more »