Traveling With Pets: How to Plan for the Unexpected

Anyone who travels frequently knows all too well that leaving a four-legged pal at home can be difficult. Aside from finding credible sitters and boarding facilities, the guilt factor alone can make travel less enjoyable for many pet parents—and for those planning longer-term stays, it may actually be more cost effective to bring Fluffy along for the trip. Traveling with a pet doesn’t come without challenges either. In addition to considerations like airline policies and border protection laws, a critical but often overlooked component of pet travel planning is emergency preparation…. and that’s where On Call’s pet assistance services come in!

Dog traveling on an airplane

A unique addition to any travel risk management and assistance program, our pet assistance services can help ensure travelers—and their pets—have a safer and more enjoyable trip. Before the trip, we can share important destination information such as required vaccinations, necessary documentation and any pet travel restrictions. Once away, we can help find a local vet or emergency facility if the pet has an injury or falls ill during travel. If the pet owner is the one in trouble, we can help return their pet home or arrange for a stay at a local boarding facility until the (human) traveler is able to care for their pet again.

On Call’s pet assistance services provide help with problems big and small, such as:*

  • Pet Return: Obtaining the necessary clearances and transportation arrangements for the pet’s return to a receiving friend or family member in the event the traveler is unable to care for the pet due to injury, illness or death.
  • Medication Assistance: Finding medication locally through credible vet referrals—if the medication is not available locally, On Call can help dispatch the medication to the traveler’s location for their pet (when legally permissible).
  • Pre-Trip Planning: Getting up-to-date information regarding required vaccinations, travel restrictions and legal requirements for pet travel for any destination in the world.
  • Referrals: Receiving English-speaking referrals to pet-friendly airlines, hotels, vets, kennels and pet emergency professionals in a given geographic area (all expenses are the responsibility of the member).
  • Return of Deceased Remains: Obtaining the necessary clearances and transportation arrangements for the return of the pet’s deceased remains to the traveler’s residence, a friend or family member.


Traveling with a pet may seem overwhelming, but it doesn’t have to be with the right pre-travel planning and emergency resources. For more information on this unique travel risk management and assistance offering, contact us today.


*This is only an outline of services; conditions, limitations and exclusions apply. For more information on our pet assistance services, contact us today.