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How to Avoid Common Travel Illnesses

Last month, we talked about infectious travel diseases and how to minimize your risk of getting them. Luckily your chances of catching a disease on a trip are quite slim, but travel illnesses can crop up when you least expect them. Whether you’re traveling close to home or taking a long-haul flight across the globe,… Read more »

How to Pack Like a Pro on Your Next Business Trip

Packing for a business trip involves careful consideration. After all, your aim is to look polished, stay organized, and not forget anything important—all while keeping your luggage light and easy to carry. Here we discuss our favorite packing tips and how you can pack like a pro on your next business trip: Plan Ahead: Before you… Read more »

Plan Ahead: Don’t Let Summer Weather Delay Your Business Trip

We’re all aware that during the winter, weather conditions like blizzards and ice storms can cause widespread flight delays and even bring your business travels to a halt. Now that summer is officially here, your biggest concern is packing some sunscreen for any downtime between meetings, right? Wrong! In fact, weather-related delays are typically worse in… Read more »

How to Travel with Babies & Toddlers: A Survival Guide

As anyone who’s ever traveled with children can tell you, it’s incredible to experience new destinations and other cultures with our kids. In fact, an estimated 1.9 million children travel internationally each year. And while traveling with little ones can be challenging –schlepping baby gear through security, off-kilter nap schedules, preventing boredom and the inevitable… Read more »

Stay Comfortable & Healthy Over the Long-haul (Flight)

Aching limbs, swollen feet, disrupted sleep, limited food choices…these are just a few things that make long-haul flights tough on our bodies. While most of us don’t exactly look forward to long flights, they don’t have to be debilitating either. Here are 6 tips for surviving that long-haul flight in good health, whether you’re flying… Read more »

Travel Assistance 101: What to Do When Your Luggage Goes Missing

After a long and uncomfortable flight, you finally arrive at the baggage carousel only to realize that your baggage is nowhere in sight. Great. Besides having a meeting in less than three hours, you still need to pick up your rental car, check into your hotel room and change into your meeting attire which, of course, is… Read more »