On Call in Action: Political Unrest in Sudan

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Political Unrest in Sudan
A group of aid workers were in Sudan when political unrest began to break out in the area. As wide-scale anti-government protests escalated across the nation, Ann Marie*, one of the group leaders, feared for their safety. Unsure of what they should do next, she reached out to their travel risk management provider, On Call International, for assistance.

On Call Steps In
On Call’s Global Security Team had been actively monitoring the situation in Sudan. Ann Marie explained that as the situation escalated and casualties increased, they didn’t feel safe in their current work location, which was in a different city than their compound. They wanted to continue their mission in Sudan, but were not sure how to safely get back to their local compound until the political situation stabilized. Understanding Ann Marie’s concerns, we worked quickly to arrange for our on-the-ground security operatives to rendezvous with the aid workers and provide a vehicle escort back to their compound.

The security operatives met the group at their location and provided an overview of the mission before departing for their compound. The operatives also prepared the group with safety protocols in the event they encountered threats like violent protest en-route.

A Safe Journey
On Call’s Security Team kept the security operatives aware of any emerging threats ahead of their location, as well as maintained communication with the aid group’s administrators to inform them of the progress on their journey back to the compound. With our help, the aid group was able to safely return to their compound to shelter in place until the violence subsided. Ann Marie and her group were grateful for On Call’s support throughout this stressful and precarious situation, and were looking forward to continuing their mission in Sudan.

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