On Call in Action: Mental Health Concerns in South Korea

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This Month:
Robin* was on a work assignment at a military base in South Korea. She suffered from a mental health condition, but her symptoms had been stabilized for several years through medication and regular doctor appointments. However, after arriving in South Korea, she became extremely focused on work and was having trouble remembering to take her medication. A few weeks into her assignment, she started to experience severe psychological symptoms and was having trouble meeting her deadlines. Not sure of where to seek medical attention locally, she reached out to her company’s travel risk management provider, On Call International, for assistance.

On Call to the Rescue 
Robin explained the situation to On Call, including her concerns about receiving treatment in an unfamiliar environment. While there were a few English-speaking doctors on base, there were no trained mental health professionals. Our Medical Director spoke with one of Robin’s local treating doctors, and they agreed she should be fully examined by a team of mental health professionals in a more familiar setting. With that recommendation, we arranged for a Rescue Nurse to fly to South Korea and escort Robin home to the United States. Robin was very nervous about the long flight home and unsure if she would be able to handle the trip. Our Rescue Nurse assured Robin she would be with her every step of the journey.

Home in Time
After arriving safely in Robin’s home state, our Rescue Nurse accompanied Robin to her home hospital where her care team could evaluate her symptoms and determine the best course of action. Looking forward to feeling like herself again, Robin was thankful to have On Call by her side during such a difficult time.

*Names have been changed to protect traveler privacy.

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