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Off the Beaten Path Travel: Considerations & Advice From On Call’s Chief Medical Officer

Whether it’s for work, school, or volunteer assignment – people inevitably travel to places off the beaten path, and with that, comes a certain degree of risk – particularly when traveling to destinations with limited resources. This article from our Chief Medical Officer, Dr. Michelle Nathan, is aimed at sharing insights with organizations on how… Read more »

Ask the Travel Emergency Expert: How to Plan for Smoother, Safer Travels With On Call’s Kristin Toth

Before something goes amiss on your next trip, consider taking some expert travel planning advice from On Call’s Kristin Toth, who specializes in these ‘go-wrong’ scenarios. As the Vice President of Operations, Kristin oversees all of On Call’s Global Emergency Assistance Teams who are responsible for helping people with their travel problems, day in and… Read more »

The Risk Intelligence Toolbox: Streamlining the Travel Decision-Making Process

Navigating an increasingly uncertain global risk climate can be challenging—particularly for those responsible for fostering a safe and rewarding environment for students, faculty, and staff abroad. Luckily, intelligence can play a critical role in making sound decisions even during the most complex circumstances—allowing organizations to avoid ‘analysis paralysis’ while identifying the best path forward. In… Read more »

Monthly Risk Spotlight: June 2023

AMERICAS Second Attempt at South American Integration In a continent historically divided among itself, where political ideologies can manifest in extreme shifts to the right or left side of the political spectrum and where regional rivalries are plentiful, there is an ongoing, revitalized attempt to create a South American regional block. If successful, a South… Read more »

LGBTQ+ Travel Safety Information, Considerations and Resources

For many organizations, much attention is allocated to risks such as crime, political instability, natural disasters, and health risks in preparation for travel. There is no question these are important areas to look at when assessing travel risk. However, there is also a need for awareness regarding travel safety and security for LGBTQ+ travelers and… Read more »

Travel Assistance 101: What to Do When Your Flight is Cancelled or Delayed

A canceled or delayed flight can be stressful for anyone from first-time flyers to even the most seasoned travelers. However, the good news is, that there are tips and tricks that anyone can have in their ‘travel assistance toolboxes’ to help minimize the impacts from these setbacks. On Call’s Global Response Center receives several of… Read more »

Common Travel Safety Scams and How to Avoid Them

We travel for many reasons, but meeting and interacting with people of other cultures surely tops most lists. Most of the time, these interactions are quite positive and rewarding – but sometimes, travelers can find themselves victims to scammers who love to prey upon travelers. Learn more about some of these most common travel safety… Read more »

Monthly Risk Spotlight: May 2023

AMERICAS Haiti’s Crisis: A Humanitarian Disaster in the Western Hemisphere In a country where elected officials are not elected, the police are ineffective and outgunned, and the ports and major highways are controlled by gangs with more influence and power than the central government, it is hard to imagine what a more cliche Hollywood dramatized… Read more »

Travel Risk Management 101: What You Should Know About Crisis Response Exercises

Is your organization prepared to effectively handle an incident abroad? Crisis response exercises (CREs) help organizations evaluate emergency response procedures, identify areas for improvement, and foster a collaborative attitude amongst those responsible for supporting their travelers abroad.  Regularly engaging in these exercises is invaluable in helping to create a safe and supportive environment for your… Read more »

Helping Travelers Every Day: Meet On Call’s GRC Team!

global map concept with headset, plane and passport.

On Call’s Global Response Center’s (GRC’s) biggest responsibility is to fulfill our mission of helping travelers, every day, in their time of need. Every phone call (or live chat, text, or email!) our Global Response Center receives is an opportunity to help someone get prepared to travel or solve a problem while they’re away –… Read more »