On Call in Action: Rooftop Accident in Brazil

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Rooftop Accident in Brazil
Julianne* was on a mission trip in Brazil. She was working on a rooftop when she slipped and fell from the second story. As she was falling, Julianne grabbed onto an electrical wire and was electrocuted before she hit the ground. The mission trip leader witnessed the accident and immediately called their program’s travel risk management provider, On Call International, for assistance

On Call to the Rescue
Julianne had burns on her hands and feet, and her wrist was also in severe pain. On Call immediately took action and made arrangements for Julianne to be transported to a local hospital. Upon arrival, her treating doctors took x-rays of her wrist and started to treat the burns on her body.

After speaking with our in-house medical team, Julianne’s treating doctors confirmed she needed surgery on her wrist as well as time to recover from her burns. Our medical team recommended she undergo surgery in her home hospital, so our transportation team quickly made arrangements for Julianne to fly home to California via air ambulance that night.

Safe at Home 
The next morning, we confirmed that Julianne had arrived safely at her home hospital in California and was ready to continue her treatment near her friends and family. Julianne was thankful to have On Call by her side during such an unexpected and traumatic accident.

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*Names have been changed to protect member privacy.


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