On Call in Action: Life-Threatening Car Accident in Belize

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Life-Threatening Car Accident in Belize
Marvin,* an executive from the United States, was traveling for a work conference in Belize with his wife, Brenda.* The two were planning to extend their stay to do a little sightseeing once the conference was over. The couple was in a taxi headed to dinner when, suddenly, the driver slammed on his brakes and crashed into the car in front of them. When the emergency responders arrived, Marvin and Brenda were immediately rushed to the hospital. While receiving care, Brenda remembered they could reach out to Marvin’s company’s travel risk management provider, On Call International, for assistance.

On Call Steps In
After speaking to Brenda, On Call reached out to the hospital directly to schedule consultations with the patients’ treating doctors. Our medical team learned Brenda was suffering from multiple lacerations and internal injuries, while Marvin had sustained a serious spinal injury. Working in tandem with the hospital’s medical staff, our medical team determined Marvin would need an air ambulance evacuation back to the States, and Brenda could travel home with an On Call Rescue Nurse.

Once they heard about the accident, the couple’s family also contacted us to find out if the couple could be transported home together. Our team of Assistance Coordinators worked with our transportation team to coordinate options, and they were able to arrange it so Marvin and Brenda would be able to travel home together for continued care, once medically cleared to do so.

A Safe Return Home
While the original medical recommendation for Brenda was to travel home with an On Call Rescue Nurse, our transportation team was able to arrange an air ambulance with a double stretcher and an additional nurse to accommodate both patients. Our team of Transportation Coordinators was in communication with the air ambulance team throughout the evacuation and confirmed the couple’s safe arrival home. Brenda, Marvin and their family, were incredibly thankful to have us by their side during such a frightening ordeal.

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