Helping Travelers Everyday: Global Emergency Assistance Snapshot

Special Edition: Medical Assistance in Remote & Challenging Locations

Read our latest global emergency assistance snapshot for an inside look at how On Call’s assistance experts worked together behind the scenes—24/7/365—to provide support to our travelers in need of medical assistance in remote/challenging locations around the globe.

A nurse on a faith-based mission fell ill from severe dehydration while in Limbe, Haiti and needed an urgent evacuation to the United States. The nurse was not hospitalized, but was at a local physician’s home and was deteriorating despite treatment efforts.

On Call’s Medical Team immediately stepped in to consult with the nurse’s treating doctor in Haiti and determined that an emergent air ambulance was necessary. On Call urgently coordinated the arrival of an emergency air ambulance at the traveler’s location and secured her admission to a hospital closer to her home in the United States. The nurse was safely delivered to her receiving hospital where she was able to start her road to recovery.

An expat in Baghdad, Iraq was hospitalized and in a coma after suffering from a heart attack. On Call’s medical team quickly consulted with the expat’s treating physician in Bagdad and determined that he needed an emergent evacuation to a hospital in Dubai that was better equipped to treat his condition.

From there, On Call’s Global Response Center coordinated the expat’s air ambulance flight to Dubai and secured his hospital admission so he could receive further treatment for his condition. Once the expat was stable for a commercial flight, an On Call Rescue Nurse arrived at his bedside to accompany him on his flight back home to the United States.

A missionary on an assignment in Lomé, Togo had severe cardiac issues and was hospitalized to receive further treatment. After waiting twelve hours for treatment, she was unconscious and needed an urgent evacuation to a hospital with more advanced cardiac capabilities.

After receiving a call from the missionary’s group leader, On Call’s Medical Team stepped in to assess the expat’s condition with the treating doctor. After compiling all the necessary details, On Call’s Medical Team quickly determined that the missionary was stable enough to make the trip to Tenerife for further cardiac care via an emergent air ambulance flight.

On Call worked with the insurance company and the receiving hospital to secure admission and send a guarantee of payment for the medical expenses incurred. On Call worked with the air ambulance provider and the missionary’s employer to coordinate the logistics of the evacuation, including additional passengers and luggage allowance on the flight. The missionary was picked up and remained stable through the transport, and was successfully delivered to the ICU in Tenerife for further cardiac care.

Papua New Guinea
On Call received a call from a cruise ship that had a passenger in need of an urgent evacuation. The ship was sailing in the South Pacific and would be disembarking the elderly man to a remote island off the coast of Papua New Guinea. The man would require an air ambulance to Port Moresby to receive immediate medical care and he was deteriorating very quickly. On Call coordinated with a local air ambulance provider to meet the man at the port upon disembarkation. While coordinating the initial evacuation, On Call also began to coordinate a second air ambulance to the patient’s home in Brisbane, Australia.

The patient was safely delivered to Port Moresby where he spent the night in the hospital. On Call received the second air ambulance itinerary and the man was quickly flown to his home hospital in Australia. Throughout, On Call liaised with the cruise line, the port agents, and hospitals to execute this critical and life-saving evacuation mission.

On Call was contacted by a client to initiate a case for a young Honduran missionary who had been admitted to a hospital in Benin. The traveler had concerning symptoms which pointed to an acute viral illness. Testing was being performed for Malaria and the fatal hemorrhagic virus, Lassa Fever.

Initially, the traveler improved and was discharged from the hospital; however, within three days, he began to deteriorate. Thankfully, he did not have Lassa Fever, but he was still incredibly ill with Malaria and a blood infection that led to sepsis. On Call’s Medical Team spoke with the treating physician in Benin and agreed that the patient required an urgent air ambulance to South Africa for more advanced treatment.

Adding additional complexities, there were some concerns that the patient had a different hemorrhagic virus, such as Ebola. The case was escalated to the receiving physician in South Africa and the National Institute of Communicable Diseases of South Africa for further review. On Call facilitated this review process with all appropriate parties, and just within a few hours, the patient’s admission to the South African hospital was scheduled.

The evacuation flight proceeded as scheduled, and the client was consistently updated with flight movements throughout the transport. The missionary was safely delivered to the hospital in South Africa to continue their treatment and recovery.

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