Author: Christa Danisewicz

Monthly Risk Spotlight: November 2023

AMERICAS Severe Drought Severs Global Trade as Panama Canal Reduces Capacity This past October marks the driest on record for the Panama Canal, an interoceanic waterway that is reliant on fresh water to operate. The severe lack of water for the Panama Canal has caused a major traffic jam to occur on both the Atlantic… Read more »

Helping Travelers Everyday: Global Emergency Assistance Snapshot

Special Edition: Israel-Gaza Crisis Response On Call’s mission has always been helping travelers in their time of need, every day, and the Israel-Gaza Crisis has been no different. Read our latest global emergency assistance snapshot for an inside look at how On Call’s centralized teams of Security, Operations, and Medical experts worked together behind the… Read more »

Helping Travelers Every Day: Israel-Gaza Crisis Response Highlights

Background Early on Saturday 7 October, conflict broke out between Gaza Strip-based militants and Israel. The conflict was claimed by the Palestinian Militant group Hamas which carried out a multi-pronged assault on Israeli territory bordering the Gaza Strip. Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu has declared war on Hamas and all other Palestinian armed groups. Operational Highlights… Read more »

Travel Safety Advice for Reducing Vulnerability During Wartime

Should you find yourself in a country or region that has suddenly erupted in conflict consider the following standing advice from On Call’s Global Security Team: Review crisis management plans, business continuity, and communication protocols from your organization in the event of regional escalation in the conflict. Assess evacuation resources available on hand. If you/and… Read more »

Travel Safety Advice for Reducing Vulnerability During Protest Activity

Should you find yourself in the immediate vicinity of a protest or demonstration while you’re traveling abroad, consider the following standing advice from On Call’s Global Security Team: Shelter in place, if necessary. Ensure windows and doors remain closed and secure to avoid any projectiles and/or tear gas. Move away from impacted areas when possible…. Read more »

Monthly Risk Spotlight: October 2023

AMERICAS Political Unrest and Transitions in Latin America  In the dynamic landscape of Central and South American politics, nations often find themselves at crossroads, grappling with the dual challenges of political transition and societal unrest. While these challenges manifest differently across countries, the themes of governance, justice, and societal response remain consistently intertwined. For instance,… Read more »

Assessing and Mitigating Risk in a Dynamic Global Travel Environment

Travel in the modern world is more accessible than ever. Amid the added complexities of the global risk landscape, many organizations are expanding their global operations—while travelers are poised to discover new, less-traveled destinations. However, with this accessibility and increased global exposure, comes a certain degree of risk. Whether that risk stems from an organization/individual’s… Read more »

Travel Assistance 101: What is a Medical Evacuation?

On Call’s Medical, Transportation, and Travel Teams coordinate hundreds of medical evacuations per year – so we know a thing (or two!) about this critical, life-saving emergency assistance capability.  Learn more about what medical evacuations are, how they work, and how you can help ensure the best possible outcomes for travelers under your care. What… Read more »

Travel Assistance 101: What is a Political Evacuation?

As we’ve seen recently, sometimes our travels take us to areas that are politically unstable. These tensions can quickly escalate into violence or even war, making an evacuation out of these areas the best course of action. Should you find yourself in a situation where a political evacuation becomes necessary, here’s how On Call can… Read more »