Author: Christa Danisewicz

Monthly Risk Spotlight: May 2023

AMERICAS Haiti’s Crisis: A Humanitarian Disaster in the Western Hemisphere In a country where elected officials are not elected, the police are ineffective and outgunned, and the ports and major highways are controlled by gangs with more influence and power than the central government, it is hard to imagine what a more cliche Hollywood dramatized… Read more »

Travel Risk Management 101: What You Should Know About Crisis Response Exercises

Is your organization prepared to effectively handle an incident abroad? Crisis response exercises (CREs) help organizations evaluate emergency response procedures, identify areas for improvement, and foster a collaborative attitude amongst those responsible for supporting their travelers abroad.  Regularly engaging in these exercises is invaluable in helping to create a safe and supportive environment for your… Read more »

Helping Travelers Every Day: Meet On Call’s GRC Team!

global map concept with headset, plane and passport.

On Call’s Global Response Center’s (GRC’s) biggest responsibility is to fulfill our mission of helping travelers, every day, in their time of need. Every phone call (or live chat, text, or email!) our Global Response Center receives is an opportunity to help someone get prepared to travel or solve a problem while they’re away –… Read more »

On Call’s Travel Risk Management (TRM) Resource Hub

Prior to the  pandemic, many organizations were hyper-focused on the response components of their Travel Risk Management (TRM) programs, such as having the right resources in place to help support and protect their travelers in the event they encounter a medical or security emergency overseas. While this is still critically important, many of these same… Read more »

Monthly Risk Spotlight: April 2023

AMERICAS Increased Volcanic Activity in Colombia April started with the slow awakening of the Nevado del Ruiz volcano in Colombia, which began to spew ash and has shown increased levels of seismic activity, indicating an eruption may be imminent. Many travelers to the continent are aware of the dangers of the vast Amazon rainforest; however,… Read more »

A Fresh Start: 10 Tips for More Sustainable Travel

Simply put, sustainable travel is traveling in a less environmentally impactful manner. As consciousness and awareness continues to grow around this important topic, we have an unprecedented opportunity to start fresh and choose a more sustainable path forward. So on this Earth Day (and every day!), let’s have a look at 10 ways you and your travelers can… Read more »

On Call’s Travel Risk Management Newsletter: Spring 2023

Does the travel risk management plan you set at the beginning of the year need a spring refresh? Spring is not only a great time for fresh starts, but a perfect opportunity to reset and recalibrate your goals and priorities. In fact, research suggests that spring may be one of the best times to start… Read more »

Travel Safety Packing Checklist From On Call’s Global Security Team

Check out this useful travel safety packing list from On Call Global Security Specialist Johanna Hartnett to learn what to physically and mindfully pack for safer and smoother travels abroad: To Physically Pack: Passport & Copy of Passport – in the event the original is lost or stolen Medications – in original containers to avoid… Read more »

Monthly Risk Spotlight: March 2023

AMERICAS Disastrous Weather in Brazil Ends Carnival Early Carnival in Brazil, a festive and internationally recognized week of celebration made especially famous by colors and opulent street festivities, was met with disaster in February 2023. In the southern state of São Paulo, a seemingly unassuming rainstorm developed that would ultimately lead to a state-wide disaster… Read more »

Mental Wellness Abroad: Preparing Travelers for Resiliency in New Environments

This article was submitted by guest contributor, Marcia Henisz, Principal and Founder of SASSIE Consulting, Creator of ‘Preparing for Wellness Abroad” and former Senior Director of International Health, Safety and Security at Drexel University. Her work focuses on the management and mitigation of international risk for academic travelers, including helping clients with incident response, strategy,… Read more »