A Step Ahead: Sharing Economy Use During Business Travel [INFOGRAPHIC]

As the popularity of sharing economy services like Uber, Lyft and Airbnb rises rapidly, people will inevitably start using these services on business trips (if they’re not doing so already). In preparation, employers are already adapting their existing travel policies to the new sharing economy, right?

Well, not exactly

According to our recent national survey, a whopping 91% of business travelers said their employers have yet to provide protocols or safety guidelines for using these services. In fact, only 5% reported having been provided with clear guidelines.

Yes, it’s true that every Uber or Lyft driver needs to pass a background check and every Airbnb host needs to verify their identity in a multi-step process but, just as with hotels and taxis, there are still risks. And, without proper protocols in place, employees may be putting themselves— and your company—at risk.

As sharing economy utilization continues to rise and challenge traditional travel habits, is your organization prepared?

Learn more in our latest infographic:

on call infographic