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Business Etiquette Abroad: How to Avoid Culture Shock When Traveling

Interacting with clients or colleagues in different countries requires respect for some subtle and not so subtle cultural differences between U.S. and foreign business practices. While it would be impossible for us to cover cultural nuances for every country in the world, we’ve compiled this list of best practices and interesting examples from some of… Read more »

Q&A with On Call’s Dr. Wheeler: Medical Care in Sub-Saharan Africa

It’s no secret that more and more companies are doing business in Africa. In June 2012, President Obama issued the U.S. Strategy toward Sub-Saharan Africa, committing the United States to enhancing economic growth, trade, and investment in the region. According to the campaign, U.S. trade to and from Africa has tripled over the past decade and Africa is… Read more »

Prepare for Life as an Expat: Part 2

In the first part of our expatriate series, we gave you some preparation and planning advice for your big move. So now that your visa application is ready to go and you can say a few things in your destination’s language, here is some advice for expatriates looking to stay healthy during their assignment overseas:… Read more »

Prepare for Life as an Expat: Part 1

The number of Americans living abroad has steadily grown over the past decade, as more companies are expanding their global operations and sending employees overseas. According to the Association of Americans Resident Overseas, more than 6.32 million Americans live in 160+ countries. A recent study by Mercer found that over 70% of companies expect to… Read more »

Seven Tips for Employers with Traveling or Expatriate Employees

According to the U.S. Travel Association, business travelers make up approximately 20 percent of all travelers and there are 6.32 million Americans living overseas, in more than 160 countries. While life on the road can sometimes seem appealing from racking up frequent flier miles to overnights at popular hotels, true road warriors know that business… Read more »