On Call in Action: Malaria Scare

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A university was preparing a group of students for a research trip to Nigeria. Since malaria is a common health risk in Nigeria, the students and faculty were advised to take anti-malarial medication before traveling so the medication would be effective once they arrived. Just days before the trip, a faculty advisor fell ill and Rita* was asked to step in. Busy planning for the last minute, an unexpected trip, she did not have time to take her anti-malarial drugs before leaving. After a couple weeks in Nigeria, Rita began to feel exhausted and developed flu-like symptoms. Fearing the worst, she reached out to the university’s travel risk management provider, On Call International.

On Call to the Rescue
Rita explained her situation to On Call, and we immediately connected her to our nurse helpline. The nurse explained that perhaps the malaria medication Rita took after arriving in Nigeria didn’t become effective before she was exposed, and recommended that Rita visit the nearest hospital for a full assessment. We made an appointment for Rita in the closest major city, Abuja, and located transportation from the remote village where she was staying.

Our medical team consulted with Rita’s treating doctor to confirm the malaria diagnosis and treatment plan. Our medical team recommended that Rita return home to recover. We made arrangements to fly Rita home with a colleague as Rita was not comfortable flying alone.

A Full Recovery
After the treating doctor confirmed she was ready to travel, Rita and her colleague flew home to Montana. Rita was happy to report that she was feeling much better after receiving care from her primary physician. She was thankful to have On Call with her every step of the way.

*Names have been changed to protect traveler privacy.

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