Helping Travelers Every Day: Security Assistance in Sri Lanka

From medical emergencies to security concerns—or any other travel issue big or small—here at On Call, the health and safety of the travelers we serve is our top priority. Read our latest case study for an inside look at how On Call’s Global Assistance Teams work around the clock to fulfill our mission of helping travelers in their time of need, every day:

A traveler renting a house in Sri Lanka called On Call International’s Global Security Team directly after an assault, while the assailant, her ex-boyfriend, was still on her premises. Due to her location at that time, where it can be dangerous for women to report domestic violence or assault, she was terrified to call the police. The traveler also reported that she was out in the open when the assault started, but witnesses refused to come to her rescue. Further complicating matters, the rental house staff would not remove the assailant from the property. Feeling helpless and not sure what to do next, the traveler reached out to On Call International for security assistance.

On Call Steps In
Once the traveler contacted On Call, she was immediately connected with one of the Global Security Team members who specialized in female travel safety. The traveler was hiding in her locked bedroom, but the assailant could still see her and was watching her through the window. On Call’s Global Security Specialist (GSS) helped the traveler stay calm, verified her exact location, and advised her to barricade the doors/window and not to engage with the assailant’s text messaging attempts.

In tandem with all of this, other members of On Call’s Global Security Team contacted the US Embassy in Sri Lanka on behalf of the traveler. Working with the US Embassy, On Call’s Global Security Team was able to arrange for a local military officer to go to the traveler’s location.  On Call’s Global Security Team coached the traveler not to open the door for the officer until she saw his badge. On Call stayed on the line with her until she confirmed she was secure with the officer, and also made a plan for her to use On Call’s text messaging platform that enables geolocation via safe check-ins throughout her journey. The officer escorted the traveler out of the house, and then ensured she also made it safely to her transportation that was pre-arranged by On Call.

Outcome – Traveler Moved to Safety 
On Call continued to check in with the traveler and confirmed she made it safely to her new location. On Call’s Security Team advised the traveler to continue to keep her new location secret and not share it with anyone.  After taking some time to process and recover, the traveler, who mentioned she was forever grateful for On Call’s support, advised she was doing much better and planned to continue her trip. This case is not only an extraordinary example of On Call’s ability to provide life-saving assistance, but also how we leveraged our technology, government contacts, and logistical know-how to help keep our travelers safe.

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