Helping Travelers Everyday: Global Emergency Assistance Snapshot

Special Edition: Israel-Gaza Crisis Response

On Call’s mission has always been helping travelers in their time of need, every day, and the Israel-Gaza Crisis has been no different.

Read our latest global emergency assistance snapshot for an inside look at how On Call’s centralized teams of Security, Operations, and Medical experts worked together behind the scenes—24/7/365—to provide support to our travelers in need during the Israel-Gaza crisis.

Charter Flight Evacuation: Large Group
An organization with a large group of people sheltering in place in Haifa Israel contacted On Call’s Global Security Team for assistance. The On Call team provided ongoing situation updates to the client and consulted on the relative risks of maintaining shelter-in-place strategy or evacuating country. From there, the decision was made to depart Israel. The On Call team secured charter flight seats for all fifteen travelers departing Ben Gurion Airport to Dubai and also organized the group’s secure transportation from Haifa to Ben Gurion. On Call’s Global Security Team maintained communication windows with the travelers, their families, and their sponsor organization throughout the entire journey and until they arrived at their final destination. “Thank you. Truly, thank you.  This has been such a complicated effort and I know how hard you’ve worked for us.  It does NOT go unnoticed.”

Charter Flight Evacuation: Family
A family of five contacted On Call for assistance out of Israel back to the United States. Adding an additional layer of complexity, the family had three small children all of whom were very frightened to make the trip home. On Call sourced a charter flight that would be landing in Athens and could seat all six travelers, and booked a hotel stay in Athens so the family could have a secure space to rest upon landing. On Call also arranged the family’s ground transportation to the Ben Gurion International Airport and then onward commercial travel to the U.S. for the whole family. Throughout the family’s journey, On Call provided guidance, support and assistance, and also remained in touch with the travelers until they arrived safely home.

Charter Flight Evacuation: Tour Group
On Call was contacted by a group that was in need of assistance with an evacuation out of Jerusalem. The next available commercial option was five days away, and the group was apprehensive about taking a charter to Istanbul, for fear of being stranded there. To help ease their apprehensions, On Call was able to locate flights out of Istanbul within a few hours of arrival that would take them directly home to the United States.  The family agreed to take the charter and On Call was able to secure safe ground transport from Jerusalem to Tel Aviv.  “I want to thank you & your team so much for all the support to get us home. I’m so amazed at how kind & generous everyone has been. Your assistance made our way easy.”

Charter Flight Evacuation: University Traveler
On Call reviewed a traveler exposure report at the onset of the crisis and reached out to a university traveler to confirm his whereabouts and safety. At first, the traveler wanted to stay with friends in Israel as he often visited and was familiar with the area. However, a few days later, he requested assistance with return flights home. Ultimately, On Call arranged a seat on a charter flight to Istanbul for the university traveler. On Call also arranged accommodations for the rest of his trip, including his hotel stays and onward travel back to the U.S.A.

Jordanian Border Crossing Assistance
An organization with travelers sheltering in place in Netanya Israel contacted On Call’s Global Security Team for assistance as they wished to depart the country. After surveying the current information on the ground, the On Call Team recommended the group leave via a commercial flight option out of Amman, Jordan. As part of this effort, On Call secured visas for all the travelers to cross the Jordanian border and coordinated secure transportation for the group. On Call’s Security team also advised on the latest on-the-ground updates to inform which borders were not only open, but safe for the travelers to cross over without harm.

Adding additional complexity to this effort, ‘a day of rage’ protest was planned for the day the travelers planned to cross the border, so the Security Team consulted the transportation provider on the safest border routes for that day. Once the travelers successfully crossed the border, they stayed in a secure hotel that the On Call Team pre-arranged, and traveled to Amman airport the next day via a shuttle service that was also pre-arranged by On Call. The On Call team maintained direct communications with the travelers and their host organization throughout the operation to answer questions, solve problems, and keep everyone informed of status of op throughout. “Thank you all, truly grateful for this amazing support.”

Medical Assistance: Supplemental Oxygen Support
A traveler was hospitalized the day after the crisis began in Israel. After being discharged from the hospital, the traveler and her companion stayed at a family member’s home to recuperate. After monitoring the traveler’s recovery, On Call advised she was medically cleared to travel home as long as she had supplemental oxygen for her flight home. From there, On Call was able to find an available commercial flight and worked with the airline to obtain medical clearance for the oxygen. The On Call Team also coordinated secure transportation for the traveler and her companion to the Ben Gurion International Airport. The traveler was able to take her flight with her oxygen concentrator and made it home safely.

Onward Travel Coordination Support
A group of missionaries staying in Israel contacted On Call from Jerusalem to request emergency assistance at home. These travelers were originally booked on commercial flights, but the airline was quickly cancelling flights. The On Call team began sourcing alternate options, including a possible maritime evacuation to Cyprus as well as other commercial flights departing Israel within the next 48 hours. Ultimately, the group jumped at the chance to get on a US government charter flight to Athens, and from there, On Call identified connecting flights from Athens to the travelers’ home states and stayed in contact with the group throughout their journey. Once home, the group contacted On Call to express their gratitude, “Thanks be to God! All is well. You all have done an extraordinary job. Your patient, kind and indefatigable efforts are what helped us most!”

Medical Assistance: Monitoring & Onward Travel Support
A daughter contacted On Call on behalf of her mother who was hospitalized in Israel prior to the attacks. Her mother was discharged from the hospital and was recovering at the daughter’s home, but her concern was coordinating a safe journey home for her mother back to the U.S. On Call closely monitored the mother’s condition and also the security situation on the ground, working to source the safest and most viable options for a safe journey home. Ultimately, the mother was able to make her way home via a U.S. government charter flight and arrived home safe and sound.

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