DIY Traveler’s First Aid Kit

When it comes to travel health and safety, you’ll hear us say time and time again how important it is to pack a travel first aid kit– whether you’re headed to a remote location or even just planning a weekend getaway close to home.

A travel first aid kit is an efficient way to prepare for unexpected emergencies – especially when your travels take you off the beaten path and a drugstore is not around the corner. It can not only help you manage pre-existing medical conditions (and treat any exacerbations of these conditions), but also help to prevent illness and treat minor health problems that creep up during your trip.

While a travel first aid kit can be purchased at most drug stores, a great way to save money and make sure it contains what you actually need is by making your own!

Non-DIYers don’t be scared – putting together your own traveler’s first aid kit is actually quicker, simpler and easier than you may think. Click here to learn what our Chief Medical Officer, Dr. Wheeler, recommends you include in your traveler’s first aid kit!