TRM in 2021: Trends, Information & Resources for the New Year

Happy New Year! As vaccinations continue to roll out, 2021 is beginning on a note of hopefulness. While the year likely won’t be on par with pre-COVID travel, the vaccine is a huge step in the right direction and reminds us that the international travel sector is ready to bounce back. However, even with all this hope, excitement, and expectancy on the horizon, it’s important to remember that travel is still expected to look much different than it did before the pandemic.

To help you and your organization navigate this ‘new travel normal,’ On Call has developed a quarterly newsletter to help you stay up-to-date on the ‘latest and greatest’ when it comes to the complex and ever-changing world of risk management and duty of care. Each quarter, subscribers of our Travel Risk Management Newsletter, TRM: Today, will receive news, information, and resources that will set them up for success in 2021 including:

      • The latest industry trends

      • Informative articles

      • Useful advice and strategies

      • Upcoming webinars, podcasts, and presentations featuring On Call’s in-house medical and security experts

      • Unique service and resource recommendations, such as our COVID-19 Repatriation membership* to help meet duty of care and make informed preparations and decisions around travel plans and itineraries

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*On Call has teamed up with Covac Global to bring your organization the additional peace of mind to travel in our new normal with the first and ONLY indemnified membership that will get your people home with no hospitalization or medical requirements** should they be diagnosed with COVID-19 while traveling abroad. For more information, contact us today.


**A certified COVID-19 positive test result and the exhibition of at least one COVID-19 symptom is required to initiate repatriation transport. Some travelers may be required to see a local physician prior to initiating repatriation transport.