The Summer Games in Paris: On Call’s Traveler Health & Safety Guide

Paris is always a top summer travel destination, but this year, it’s attracting even more interest as over 15 million visitors are expected at the 2024 Summer Games. The energy and excitement of this many people makes for an incredible atmosphere, but also brings to light some important health and safety considerations for travelers. Whether you’re headed to the City of Light for the Games or even its surrounding regions for non-Games related travel, On Call’s in-house medical and security experts share insights for planning a safer and healthier trip.

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Traveler Safety & Security

    • Anticipate delays and disruptions when getting in and around the city – there will be heightened security measures implemented across Paris and near all venues.

    • Remain vigilant in traditional tourist areas and crowded public spaces, particularly around event locations, and avoid demonstrations and areas with police activity.

    • Keep all belongings, including travel documents and passports, secure; avoid carrying large sums of cash or showing signs of wealth.

    • In the event you do become a victim of petty crime, such as pickpocketing, it is encouraged to safely comply in a manner that is in the best interest of protecting your personal safety.

    • Enroll in the U.S. Department of State’s STEP Program, (or your host country’s local equivalent for consular) to stay updated on emergency situations. Enrolling in programs such as these also makes it easier for the Embassy or Consulate to contact you during an emergency.

Traveler Health

    • Plan (and pack for!) warmer temperatures– opt for light-weight clothing and avoid the color black, as it absorbs heat. Remember to apply sunscreen every two hours (SPF 30 or higher); and drink plenty of bottled water throughout the day.

    • Paris is a walking city! Practice proper footcare– bring comfortable, breathable shoes with good arch support and pack plenty of over-the-counter blister remedies to help prevent infections.

    • Keep all prescriptions in their original containers and store them in carry-on luggage; never put medications in checked luggage in case bags get lost or delayed!

    • Expect longer wait times at the clinics/ER, as medical infrastructure may be overextended during the Games.

    • Be prepared for potential medical emergencies by ensuring you have access to a travel assistance resource you can trust in the event it becomes necessary.


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On Call’s Summer Games in Paris: Traveler Health, Safety & Security Guide is jam-packed with valuable information, resources, and planning advice for a safer and healthier trip to the Games. Get your free copy of the guide today!

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