The Best Cities for Business Travel [Infographic]

Which U.S. cities are best equipped for hosting productive, seamless business travel experiences for your mobile workforce?

It’s certainly a question worth asking in today’s “always-on” work environment. Clients and other key stakeholders may not always be sympathetic when it comes to missed meetings or late deliverables—this makes staying connected while avoiding major obstacles like flight delays and gridlock traffic pivotal to your travelers’ success.

This is why we conducted our “Business Travel Productivity Report”— to reveal the major cities in the U.S. that ranked highest in regard to a number of factors that contribute to a productive, streamlined and even (dare we say it?) more enjoyable business travel experience.

Each measured factor was determined by our team of senior experts to paint a picture of the issues that could have a major impact on the productivity of America’s business travelers, including:

  • Number of on-time flights
  • Cost of lodging
  • Reliability of mobile network coverage
  • Traffic congestion levels
  • Emergency room efficiency (includes the average door to diagnostic times and how often a person leaves a medical facility without being treated).

You can view a list of the top 10 cities as well as the cities that performed best in each category in our infographic:

Top Cities in the U.S. for Productive Business Travelv3-01