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Get Ahead of the Storm: Hurricane Preparedness & Response Playbook

After last year’s devastating hurricane season, many organizations and their travelers learned it’s not enough to focus solely on how to ride out a major storm—it’s critical to also consider proactive measures that can build a resilient plan even before a storm occurs. As the peak of 2018’s hurricane season approaches, we want to help… Read more »

Security Landscape in Rio: Q+A with Jim Hutton

Last month we sat down with our Chief Medical Officer, Dr. Wheeler, to talk about the medical landscape in Rio and what travelers can expect if they need emergent medical care while traveling there. This month, we’re switching our gears to safety and picking our Chief Security Officer, Jim Hutton’s, brain on the topic. Read… Read more »

Hotel Safety: Protecting Yourself and Your Belongings When You Travel

You might like to think of your hotel as your home away from home, but sometimes we get a little too comfortable and don’t take the safety precautions we should. Being aware of your surroundings is just as important in a hotel as it is at home. Here are our top safety tips for protecting… Read more »

How to be “Smart” with Your Smartphone When Traveling Abroad

In a recent mobile study, Google reports that 80% of smartphone users don’t leave home without their devices.  Sound like you? For those of you planning to use your smartphone abroad, here are some things you should know—and do—before and during your trip. 1. Find out if your phone will work: This may sound like… Read more »