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Travel Risk Management: Incident Recovery, Repatriation, and Program Adaptation

As COVID-19 continues to progress and international travel anticipates its resurgence, now is a great time for organizations to explore how they can bolster their Travel Risk Management (TRM) programs.  One of the areas that is often overlooked is the timeframe toward the end of an incident that is designed to ensure traveler recovery. The… Read more »

On Call’s Global Assistance & Security Expert, Ryan DeStefano, Answers (More) Top COVID-19 Travel FAQs

As COVID-19 continues to dominate the conversation, it’s getting increasingly more difficult to sift through the abundance of information and decipher what’s really relevant for your travelers and your organization. On Call’s VP of Global Assistance Services, Ryan DeStefano, is here to help by answering more  FAQs we’ve been hearing from clients and travelers, while… Read more »

Helping Travelers, Every Day: On-the-Ground Evacuation Planning in Hong Kong

Hong Kong, once known as one of the safest cities in the world, was embroiled in protests at the latter part of last year, when a now withdrawn extradition bill allowing for the extradition of fugitives in Hong Kong to mainland China was proposed. Since the introduction of this bill, protests morphed into a broader… Read more »

Travel Risk Management Training for the Administrator: Maximizing Program Effectiveness

In the first segment of our two-part Travel Risk Management (TRM) training series, we discussed techniques for organizations looking to establish a training program for their individual travelers, and why it’s so important.  Similarly, those overseeing travel risk management and duty of care initiatives for their organizations also have a responsibility to participate in training… Read more »

Travel Risk Management Training for the Traveler: Maximizing Program Effectiveness

An effective strategy for maximizing the effectiveness of an organization’s Travel Risk Management (TRM) program is by incorporating a quality training regimen for the individual traveler.  Training the traveler tends to be overlooked; however, it’s the individual traveler that can have the largest impact on mitigating the impact of incidents when they occur, or even… Read more »

Monthly Risk Spotlight: November

On Call International’s Monthly Risk Spotlight highlights events of heightened importance in assessing risk to travel and operations abroad. Asia Pacific Indonesia: Student Protests Raise Concerns Over the Erosion of Civil Rights and Democratic Accountability In September 2019, the largest student demonstrations in the last two decades in Indonesia exposed social and political fault lines… Read more »

Securing Leadership Commitment for Your Organization’s Travel Risk Management Programs

Securing active leadership support for your organization’s Travel Risk Management (TRM) initiatives is critical. Organizations invest numerous resources into travel annually, and the potential impact of emergencies can be catastrophic. Furthermore, engagement by the individual traveler in the TRM program can be the most difficult to accomplish, but is pivotal because they are the ones… Read more »

Monthly Risk Spotlight: October

On Call International’s Monthly Risk Spotlight highlights events of heightened importance in assessing risk to travel and operations abroad. Asia Pacific  Indonesia Grapples With the Economic and Health-related Fall-outs of Massive Forest Fires Toxic smog resulting from forest fires on a greater than usual scale engulfed the Southeast Asian countries of Indonesia, Malaysia, and Singapore… Read more »

The 5 Personnel Recovery Tasks: What They Are and Why They’re Crucial for Travel Risk Management Programs

Indicated in the graphic, the five PR tasks are embedded into the Execution phase of the spectrum.  All preparation, planning and adaptation of a TRM program must focus on better performing these 5 execution tasks because this is when lives are at risk. For the U.S. Military, “the sum of military, diplomatic, and civil efforts… Read more »