Safeguarding Students: Tools to Help Ensure Mental Health Support for Remote Study

The pandemic has created an even greater need for mental health support services to all students, despite the location of their studies. This has left many institutions asking some very important questions:

    • What can we do to support our students who are remote learners due to COVID-19?

    • How do student nationality and cultural reality impact on best practice wellness interventions?

    • What are the most common problems that counselors can help resolve?

To help answer these questions, we recently teamed up with our friends at Student VIP International and Dalhousie University to discuss the need and effectiveness of digital mental health and wellness programs, as well as innovative ideas and solutions to help support students in our new disrupted study reality.

Watch this informative webinar to learn how global access to counselor-led intervention and technology can make a huge impact, and watch the panel address your peers’ most critical questions regarding how to best support students with a limited staff resource. You will leave this collegial conversation with some new insights and perspectives on international student counseling—this is an interactive discussion that you don’t want to miss!


    • Kristin Toth, Senior Operations Director, On Call International

    • Samantha Morneau, Director, Student VIP International

    • Sean Hardman, Senior Account Manager, Student VIP International

    • David Pilon, Director of Counselling and Psychological Services, Dalhousie University

    • Host & Chair: Amy Baker, The PIE

Special thanks to our hosts at the PIE and our colleagues at Student VIP International and Dalhousie University for allowing us to present some of our thoughts on supporting remote learners! We were honored for the opportunity and hope those who tune in will take away some lessons learned. Click here to obtain free access to the on-demand webinar today! 

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