Returning to Study Abroad: Travel Risk Management in our (Not So) New Normal

As vaccinations continue and more countries roll out their welcome mats to fully vaccinated travelers, many colleges and universities are considering a full return to study abroad. But is your institution prepared? How can you help keep students and faculty safe, healthy, and informed while traveling?

We recently teamed up with our friends at OnSolve to answer these questions (and more!) in this interactive Q+A webinar.


You Will Learn:

    • What are the key components of a travel risk management program for higher education institutions?

    • What should higher education institutions consider when evaluating their current travel risk management program (or starting from the ground up) in today’s evolving travel climate?

    • How have travel assistance operations changed since COVID?

    • How can you help keep travelers safe, healthy and informed, especially in the event of a medical or security incident?


    • Ben Longworth, Director of Security, On Call International

    • Matt Bradley, Vice President of Security Solutions, OnSolve

Click here to watch the on-demand webinar today.


Want to learn even more about returning to study abroad?
On Call’s team of Global Security Specialists can provide your organization with comprehensive tools, intelligence, and resources to make informed decisions around returning to study abroad and adjusting your duty of care to the new(ish) normal. Whether you need proactive guidance and support, or 24/7 monitoring and oversight, On Call customize a global security solution that is fully aligned with your organization’s needs. If you’re looking for pre-travel advisories, risk intelligence, automated critical event alerts, and geo-tracking capabilities to further enhance your organization’s duty of care program, don’t forget to ask about On Call’s Travel Monitoring and Critical Event Intelligence Platform, powered by OnSolve. Contact us today to learn more.

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